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    Hello all!
        Just wanted to shout a big thank you to Axis& for the warm welcome and support we have received here.  The AAA community has been very receptive and engaging with me during the launch of Field Marshal Games.  Visiting the site everyday and engaging in AAA topics has become addictive and Im really glad we have such an active community.

    I would like to give special thanks to David Jensen for his article and Feature on the site, Craig Yope and Imperious Leader for your support and insight, and the rest of the gang for your kind reviews and interest in anything Axis & Allies!

    It is truly an honor for me to have COMBAT DICE featured and accepted by my peers here on the #1 Axis&Allies Fan/Info site in the world. To see COMBAT DICE featured on the front page is a greater honor for me than getting my picture on the cover of TIME magazine.

    Thank you all and Happy Gaminig!


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    Yes you have my best wishes. I fully support your efforts to provide needed products for the AA community. WE have open wallets and money is no object. Keep making nifty items. Ill buy them.

  • Hey a big Thank You back to FieldMarshalGames for getting the word out about AA50 at some other sites. Now I know he has a product he wants to sel,l but at least he is spreading the word, unlike some people. hands IL the WOTC bashing hammer  😄

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    Hey, Im a BIG fan of AAA and have always been.  I own every version and have created many of my own through out the years before I started FMG.

    I am a fanatic!

  • I really hope FMG does something new every chance they get, now we get awesome dice, maybe later limited time only dice towers :mrgreen:

    Anyways thanks a bunch,really looking forward to ordering some sets of those wonderful dice. 😉

  • I love the dice.  Bought AA50 from Field Marshal Games with a dice order

  • Looks like a great site. Will have to give it a look.

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