• Haven’t played yet :(
    Think we need much more playtesting before coming up with new rules.

    But let’s just share an idea I got for World at War (Xeno Games). The idea was:
    _Follow normal rules. So China gets one infantry for every area it controls. But Chinese infantry get a defense bonus of 1 for every area it is ‘in land’.

    So a Chinese infantry in an area one area away from sea will defend at 2+1=3.

    This to reflect the hugeness of China. And the many mountains and rivers to be crossed when you invade this enormous country._

    Just an idea! But first let’s have fun with this new game!

  • China in the 1941 senario sure it is weak but i beleive it is only weak since the jap’s onyl got so much money to work with.  For turn 1 i plan on taking every single possible territory that will allow me to win and not get any downsizes except maybe 1 mistake.  And while i do this get some USA navy!

    So hitting china= china good ipc’s so this will inforce an asian japan, I know when i get the game and we play it the usa player will cripple my navy as fast as possible  axis    i= japan  friend= germany  both= italy 
    allies  possible outcomes depending what happens but most likely we will get 2 allies and 1 ill play usa and other russia and share gb or 1 will control until 1 dies.

    (japan and usa will be having naval wars)

  • Customizer

    Seems to me China needs more starting infantry, perhaps with more Japanese inf on the mainland to balance.
    Historically, Japan took all of China that was worth the cost of occupying. The only significant advance into China after 1941 was to close down US bomber bases in the south, and even this was futile as the US had by this time obtained bases in the Pacific at a similar distance from Japan.
    More inf on both sides makes Japan think twice about going in, but China doesn’t pose that much more of a threat to Japan either. Perhaps the Chinese fighter should be American, which is also more historical and reduces the Chinese threat to HK/Manchuria further. More still if, as some of us have suggested, the northern Chinese are Soviet controlled CCP units (it’s a real test of Allied unity when the Chinese factions are tempted to attack each other…)  :lol:
    And, after all, there were a LOT of people in China, even if they were more interested in fighting each other than the Japanese.
    Oh, by the way, Soviet/Japanese NAP to stop the China Wall strategy, which I suppose creates the same effect but with a much more potent threat to Japan.

  • “China Wall” strategy of which i have coined works very well, provided the Soviet are willing to seed at least 6 infantry into the wall fund.

  • China i beleive will not be avoided in -41 however -42 japan may have to choose!

    Like in -41 japan has a chance to switch strats early in the game however if japan -42 wants to switch it will have a harder time.

    So attaking china -41 is a not really a must but japan will gain like 4 billion more then its losses

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