Hitler's impact on radicule Islam.

  • Another thread reminded me of this. Hope you find it interesting.

    Prior to the Germany invading it’s neighbors Hitler only had closed door one on one talks with one none white. That man was Mohammad Amin al-Husseini the Mufti of Jerusalem. Hitler disclosed to the Mufti the upcoming war would truly be for the extermination of the Jews. Alledgedly the Mufti was the first person Hitler directly said this to outside his own countrymen.

    Since killing Jews was high on al-Husseini’s list of interests he and Hitler hit it off. Hitler had his fellow psychopath raise Muslim divisions that fought against the Russians believe it or not. Who would have thought there would be Muslim Bosnian SS soldiers enlisted because of the Mufti’s desire to see Jews die. For me seeing pictures of soldiers in Nazi uniforms in Muslim prayer is a mind bender. This interaction between two butchers has had a far reaching effect on our world. It was the start of radicule Islam as we know it today.

    After the war some high ranking SS members found their way to the Arab world. Ever wonder where the term Islamo Fasism came from. Every think “Those Jihadi seem to be doing the Nazi salute”. Now you know why.

  • Very interesting.  Can you direct us to published material about this?

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    Yea Hitler was pals with the regime that disposed the British yoke in Iraq, He recruited many divisions, frenchy, Dutch, Russian, and others who all fought under the pretext of the Anti-Comintern Pact because Europe hated Communism much worse than anything else and wanted to rid the world of it in a crusade of nations prepared to fight with Germany. All the occupied nations and also some neutrals sent forces. Hitler blamed and combined this into his overall edict for removal of the Jews, who he blamed for causing Communism, and this was favored by many other peoples who had their own axe to grind.

  • @Audacity:

    Very interesting.  Can you direct us to published material about this?

    Things to google on this subject. Hanzar Division, Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseien, Islamo Fasism, Islamo Nazism, and Hitler and the Mufti. I just googled Hanzar Division and found this site.


    It has a bunch of great pics.

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    the book “banking on baghdad” by edwin black goes into this and give some good detail in a few of its chapters.

  • @Audacity:

    Very interesting.  Can you direct us to published material about this?

    I certainly can. My best source is “THE SS, Hitlers Instrument of Terror” by Gordon Williams. It was actually Himmlers idea to incorporate Muslims into SS units as an experiment. They used their new power to quickly murder “religious infidels” including Jews and were eventually given only police authority because of their lack of obediance to SS order. They had their own special collar tabs but were never issued an SS Honour cuff on the sleeve. Himmler had these units engaged in the Balkans, around Greece and a few other minor battles. They were actually fought VERY poorly and were taken off the front lines. For the rest of the war, the units that weren’t disbanded were used for anit-partisan activities and were “attached” to another SS unit but did not have the title SS.

    It was a brief experiment that elated Himmler. Hitler has little to do with it as far as I know.

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