Variable NO's…An AA50 variant

  • 2007 AAR League

    I got to say that the introduction of the National Objectives concept, was a stroke of genius imho.
    Now, the game, through the NO Bonus Incentives, push the players towards their historical aims.

    Anyhow, as with any setup, I think that even with the NO setup, AA50 might go stale over time.
    Also, not ALL historical strategies are being encouraged by the OOB NOs. What about the German Sub strat, for example? It is not shown in any NOs at least.

    Therefore, I thought of the Variable NO concept. It runs like this :

    We create a list of, say, 5-10 NO’s per Nation (not possible to create even THAT many for a nation like China, for example). Before the game starts, every nation rolls randomly to see what NO’s they get.

    1 NO: China
    2 NO’s each: Italy and Soviet Union
    3 NO’s each: Germany, Japan, UK and US

    I like the thought of China having their own NO/NOs, but of course, they could be incorporated into the US one.

    What’s your thought? Or maybe you got some NO’s of your own?

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