• Two things that really make me curious are:

    1. How much will the no-fodder trannies effect gameplay?

    There are some key TTs (territories) that make for excellent bomber bases to stop all unprotected tranny travel ie. France, Hawaii, Australia. And its not like you can just put 1 destroyer in the mix to protect a convoy. Unprotected trannies was just how the usa and japan did business, so now youll need to spend a significant? amount more to water craft (as usa and japan mostly).

    1. Turn order has been shuffled.

    Now that germany goes first in '41, it sets itself up nicely for a 1-2 punch from italy - germany. The traded TTs that sit between germany and russia can now be breached by the italians, and the blitz thru by the german tanks/planes. And of the game tester try to exploit this yet?


  • On 1) I would say it changes a lot. In the Atlantic you are more vulnerable to air strikes so a UK CV is now almost a must. You need to keep the fleet together mostly and it’s harder to strike vs. two areas such as Norway and Algeria. In the Pacific it’s even more strong: because your opponent has a CV strike force at his disposal, you must protect your trannies. Typically, Japan has to have a home fleet in Sea of Japan and it also limits the possibility of striking at several islands at once. USA will have a problem moving their fleet forward from the West coats because they can’t build extra transports for the follow-up without a strong protection.

    As for the Italy+Germany punch, check out the thread “Italian overrun tactic”!

  • With bombers reduced to 12 IPCs I think we will find that they rule the waves. Also with what experimentation I have done based on the now know to be incorrect '41 set up the Baltic fleet goes down much more quickly and painlessly for the Allies.

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