PBEM AA revised !!! it totally rocks !!

  • …… here is the link

    i think it totally rocks… it is like classic AA where you can play some one over the course of a few days when you get the time but, it is revised AA!!! … what you need:

    -facebook account account

    -windows computer with the latest java… the site says it works with linux but, i did not try and, i know it does not work with most macs ( not even with windows in vmware or parallels … it does work with a bootcamp/windows mac ).

    …also there is no bidding… out of the box rules and, i think casualties are selected by cost which is just fine about 99% of the time…

  • The better graphics alone are not gonna pull me away from TripleA, which provides more variety, doesn’t force me in creating a facebook-account, and lets me choose my own casualty (since I dont agree with your 99% rule).

    Nonetheless, nice find, and a good prelude for facebook users who never played it to get them interested.

  • …yeah and it is also a bit buggy from what i understand… but it is a start … maybe they can work out the kinks…if only the guy who runs would make a revised / lhtr version… i also like triple a but my axis and allies buddies  ( i played the board game with these guys as a young lad ) are unable to attach a file to an email! i mean c’mon already!!!

    ps : you can also lose casualties by the weakest defense roll first

  • How is someone not able to attach an attachment to their email?  :?

    And if you ever want a basic revised pbem triple a game, feel free to hook me up!

  • @Woodstock:

    How is someone not able to attach an attachment to their email?  :?

    i know … they are my friends but, THEY ARE DUMB ASSES !!!

    … i’ll pm you with my email address .

  • '11

    I just started using the gametableonline site for my A&A fix. I’m loving it as it is the same program that was on the Gleemax boards at Wizards. Now I can play A&A whenever I desire, life is good.

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