Very balanced 200 point Japan (comment)

  • Ammo Dump - 10
    Type 92 Machine-Gun Team - 7 (x2)
    Imperial Sergeant - 9 (x2)
    Imperial Sniper - 8 (x2)
    SNLF Paratroopers - 5 (x4)
    70mm Type 92 - 10 (x2)
    Arisaka Rifle - 3
    Japanese Infantry Platoon - 26

    -1x Imperial Sergeant
    -5x Arisaka Rifle
    -1x Type 89 Mortar
    Type 3 Chi-Nu - 18 (x2)
    Japanese Light Tank Platoon - 33

    -1x Type 97 Chi-Ha
    -3x Type 95 Ha-Go
    Mitsubishi A6M Zero - 12 (x2)

    Tell me what you think, and if there’s anything I should switch.

  • No SNLF Fanatics?  Cant go wrong with a few 5/5 Hard Chargers uniys…

  • I fielded this the other day… Totally dropping out both the 18 point tanks… so that leaves me with 36 points. I’m going to throw in the Shiden-Kai (16) and have 20 points left to spend… Make me 20 points of something! 😄

  • At 200 points you should be able to field 2 Heroes right?  As Japan’s only Close Assault 8 unit, you must take as many Honor-bound Heroes as you are allowed.

  • I have 2… but that’s better than none, and I’ve had great success when pairing them with an Imperial Sergeant.

  • Good call, yes I can see that working well!

    I find Heroes and Snipers (of any nation) pair really well togther too.  Often your opponent will use a vehicle to move point-blank and flush out snipers.  But with a Hero in your pocket you can deploy and move into an adjacent hex to take out the vehicle.

    The paras are another obvious pairing and you’ve got some of them in your build too.

    The achilles heel of all Japanese builds is always enemy Armour…

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