• I’m looking for players that play AnA:Revised Edition. I live in East Village. Please email me.  I’m free on Fridays and Saturdays at anytime or any other day after 7PM.


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    If you can travel they have Strategicon near LAX 3 times a year at Strategicon.com

  • I live in downtown and I’m looking for anniversary edition players but I could play revised.

  • I live in Orange county. I’m interested to travel down to San Diego.

  • I live in San Diego (UTC) and would be up for a game

  • Big Bucky,

    Can you travel to Dana Point next weekend on Saturday for a A&A Anniversary, 41 scenario game, w/NO’s, no Tech?

  • Replying to this thread to see if there are any A&A players in So Cal looking to play A&A 50 or Pacific 40 games. I can host or travel.

  • Just got to San Diego…still wondering if anyone is still playing out there…looking to play all versions.

  • Mallery,

    Where in San Diego are you? I’m in Murrieta, just north of San Diego. Can you host a game or know of a game store near you that would let us play? If not, we could possibly use my buddies house in San Clemente, if you’re willing to travel? Or even my house in Murrieta.

    My buddy and I would prefer to play to play Global 1940, either Alpha 2 or Alpha 3.

  • I’m only here for a few months, so I don’t have a car…I’m at the 32nd Street Naval Base

  • Do you have a place to play at the naval station?

  • Or, just called Game Town in Old Town. They have a 4’ x 8’ table we could play on during a upcoming Sunday. Could you make it to Old Town? It’s close to 32nd Street.

    A few questions :

    1. How many games of Global 1940 have you played?

    2. How many years of A&A have you been playing for?

    3. Can you commit to an entire Sunday of play?

    Feel free to reply via personal message if you’d like…

  • Old Towne does work for me.  I’ve played religiously over two years, mostly spring 1942 and the MB A&A.  I played the mini’s before but do not own any, but understand strat.  As for Global, I can research everything, and I can easily commit to Sundays, as I do nothing on Sundays as of now.  There will only be two Sundays around the 4th of July I won’t be avail for.

  • Ok, let me see what Sunday we can play. If you haven’t played Global 1940, I’d highly recommend researching this site for the Turn 1 Axis and Allied opening moves. Also if you have the capability to play online, I’d recommend playing a game or two. It’s a lot more complex than  Spring 1942. What is your name and phone number? Please send to me via PM to keep confidential. I’ll call you next week to schedule…

  • I’m down for whatever.  My girlfriend lives down in San Diego.  Pair-A-Dice games in Vista has alot of table space if we can find a non-Magic night, and it’s a shorter drive for us in the OC crowd.  We should start a mailing list or something.

  • If I could get to Vista, I’d be ok with that, but my car is on the East Coast….Old town is easy because it’s right off the blue line.  I guess I could buy the drinks!

  • Alrighty, everyone.  Looks like we’re on for Global '40 Alpha+3 on Sunday, June 17th.  The place is Game Towne at 3954 Harney St, San Diego, CA.  They open at 11am so that’s when I’ll start setup.  Show by noon, please.  If everyone all agrees we’ll do random nation selection.
    It’ll be USSR/France and USA/China vs. Germany and Japan.  UK/ANZAC and Italy by discretion unless we have a 5th or 6th player.
    See you all then!

  • And, you know, ‘San Diego’ in the original German means ‘a whale’s vagina’.

  • Robbie,

    Thought we’re playing Alpha +2… And I think it will be just the three of us. Don’t think there will be any other players joining us on Sunday. So, one person should be the Axis. The other two should be the Allies. I don’t mind playing the Axis by myself since I believe the Allies have a slight advantage in Alpha +2…

  • You’re homeboy from San Clemente won’t make it?  Besides, there might be others on here that may come.
    As far as Alpha, I figured the latest version is what everyone is playing, but I’ll go with the majority vote.

  • Ready to curb stomp the Axis!

  • Robbie,

    If I make the 1 1/2 hour trip down to San Diego, I’m going to want to play Alpha 2. I’ve never played Alpha 3 before. I know there’s not a lot of differences between the two but I believe there’s enough of a difference that it would require more “thinking” time during the game to cover those differences. I’m very familiar w/Alpha 2 and this would shorten the game time during our first outing. I generally like to play a few game online before venturing into a new version of the game. So, before any Alpha 3 in person game, I’d like to play a few Alpha 3 games online. Having said that, it seems like you’d like to play Alpha 3. If so, feel free to PM Mallery and play w/him and others on Sunday. We can always get together another time and play Alpha 2. Or, play Alpha 3 when I’ve got my feet wet with it a little bit…

  • And my buddy in San Clemente is 50/50 at this point, on if he can make it at this point…

  • So, what’s the deal for Sunday? Are you guys getting together to play Alpha 3?

  • I feel to ensure we can get the most out of it, Alpah 2 would be good for now…I have the rules and the Allies figured out, but currently trying to reverse engineer it by trying to see what the Axis would do…I’m new to this version, but I will be there Sunday…Margaritas after?  :evil:

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