• Hello everyone,

    I’ve never played a game of A&A and I am interested in getting into it.  I rather enjoy risk but I always wished for more complex rules such as ships and capitals.  I’m trying to decide whether I should buy the A&A revised version, or wait for A&A50 and shell out over $100 (Canadian dollar is alittle low right now).  What would the difference in quality of play?  I’m guessing the new flashy edition would be better, but would it be worth over double the price of its predecessor?  Would it be unbalanced to use the old game board and use the A&A50 rules?

  • I dont know how using the AA50 rules on the AAr board would affect the game, but before I decided if I was going to shell out the money for a game you have never played I would first ask myself how often I was going to play it and if I had that kind of disposible cash and what kind of players I would be playing it with.

    Trust me, take it from a dude that likes risk, most of the players that play risk think they want something more complicated and real, but with the group that I started out with over 3 years ago playing risk, only me and one other dude had what it took to play A&A.  the ohters fell to the wayside like cannon fodder.  😮

    I’ve got a monthly gaming group now that all we play is AAR and even than I am seriously debating about getting AA50 because out of the group of 25+ of us, maybe…MAYBE 2 other players besides me that might want to play the perceived “harder game”.

    I don’t know if it is harder (yet) or if it is worth the cash that is being asked for it, but if is half of the improvement over AAR that AAR was over classic AA I believe it will be worth the extra cash.  I used to love the classic AA but have not played it once since getting AAR several years ago.  AAR (IMO) is just such a better game, and with limited game time available to me, I figure why play the game that is less when I can play the game that is “more”.

    I’m sure the same thing will happen when I buy AA50, and my wife asks me why I would want to buy AA50 when it is JUST another version of the same game.  She thinks I will be “wasting” the $ I’ve spent on AAR because I will more than likely stop playing AAR after I have AA50.  She’s probably right, I will stop playing AAR, but I’ll tell you the same thing I tell her, it was not a waste of cash to me, I got several YEARS of great fun and good times playing AAR, so it has more than paid for itself.

    So before you buy the game, I wouldn’t ask yourself if you want to spend that kind of cash on a game you have never played, but ask yourself if you think youll play it enough to make it worth buying.

    Why don’t you try playing the game of AAR first?

    You can play it online at tripleA or game table.



    The game table version is way “pretty” compared to the tripleA version of AAR, but I personally think the tripleA game is a better user interface and a lot more fun to play with.

    check um out.

  • Thanks for the great input Builder_Chri.  I think I will grab the AAr.  If my friends all fall in love with it and the reviews of AA50 are good, I’ll get them to all pitch for the AA50.

  • No prob dude!

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