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    Something else I wanted to clarify about Subs…

    Let’s say a group of 3 Subs is attacked by 1 Destroyer, 5 Fighters, and 2 Cruisers
    If 1 Sub survives the first round of combat, does it have any opportunity to submerge prior to facing second round attacks?

    I know the answer is yes if the opposing Destroyer is taken as a casualty, but what I’m wondering is if it can submerge if the Destroyer is not taken as a casualty?

  • Official Q&A

    As long as there is an enemy destroyer on the battle board, a sub may not submerge.

  • Thank you for the answer, Kreighund

    While I think the SUBs are much improved over Revised OOTB, I feel they are still to vulnerable and not very cost effective.

    Do you know if Sub Detection rules or Convoy Raid type rules were ever considered, either during the development or playtesting phase.  I suppose they may have been considered too complex by either WOTC or Mr. Harris, but I do feel this is the one thing that the game is really missing.

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