Axis and Allies: Risk style

  • In the interests of making an effective free for all version of Axis and Allies, my friends and I have combined it with some risk rules.

    The territorries are divided up amongst the five players. All territories that are worth more than 3 IPC are considered to be worth three. The players declare a capital, and the capital is worth 10 IPC. Each player starts with 2 factories, one on the capital and one anywhere else.

    A Players starting armies are: 10 infantry, 5 armor, 3 fighters, 2 transports, 1 sub, 1 bomber, 1 carrier or battleship. The goal of course, is to take over the world.

    I realize that many avid Axis and Allies players would not like this style of game, but I feel it cominbes some of the best elements of Risk and Axis and Allies, and it makes all 5 players relatively equal. We’ve played this way several times and find that it adds alot of strategy and variety to the game.

    Anyone have any comments on this varient of play?

  • Might be a pain calculating all the IPC values.

  • o i did this one time 🙂 it was very fun but we divided up the capitals evenly and we had no IPC restriction on the territories so it was more diverse
    but we also had more troops to start out with. i think it was 22 Inf 6 Arty 4 Tanks 2 Fighters 1 Bomber and 1 Battelship, 2 destroyers and 2 Transports with one sub.

  • Any fun? Must be a more tactical version of Risk.

  • How did you do the beginning where you get your cards in Risk and then you put your soldiers on those squares?

  • The IPC takes a while to add up initially, but after that its not too complicated. To ease the process we wrote the IPC value of the territory on the cards we made for each territory.

  • How did you do the beginning where you get your cards in Risk and then you put your soldiers on those squares?

    Sorry, I don’t understand? Restate?

  • k in Risk at the very beginning you all get delt cards and they have territories on them, so then you place your guys on those spaces. How does this work in A&A risk?

  • Hmmmm… never played A&A Risk. :-?

  • i took little peices of paper and put all the territores on them
    then issued them out 😉

  • @DasEwokSS:

    i took little peices of paper and put all the territores on them
    then issued them out 😉

    oh ok sounds like a good game!

  • but the board is kind of limited… what about playing it on the A&A board, just ignore the colours and ipc stuff.

  • Isn’t that what you do? play on the A&A board?

  • oh, opps :oops:

  • ive done this i used a set of uno cards. i did it with neutral countries. took out the wild cards dealt the country cards into 5 piles. the non neutral countries got 15 ipcs to start(1st ic built becomes your capital i put a control marker in between the smokestacks) and no units. also no allies(lol unless ya want them). the neutral countries got 1 inf for each ipc value(east eur gets three inf put on it ger 10…). neutrals are considered 1 ipc. with the wildcards put back in the deck the cards are then shuffeled then 1 card is dealt to each neutral and kept hidden. whenever a neutral is conquered the winner gets its card. turning in sets of cards follows the same as risk. the free armies must be put in your capital(scince it has unlimited procuction).

  • but is it worth the effort? is it very fun? or as much fun as just playing A&A?

  • it can get quite interesting

  • it still sounds confusing to me, why not just play risk on the risk board if you’re gonna play risk?

  • Because on the risk board there are absolutely NO seazones. I tried playing it on the risk board once, but it wasn’t that great. only land and air units were in the game and you couldn’t fly from africa to australia because you can’t fly over water.

  • I like the sound of it!
    Definitely different.

    I have a gameboard from a three man chess game callled Triplecross(hexs instead of squares, three bishops.) Used it a few times to have a 3, 4, 5(one neutral got eaten alive) and 6 man game. It had no navies so it lacked a lot of the options.


    COOL!!! 😎

  • OK…I’m not the only one who thought of this then. I went as far as making a 3’x4’ map, recreating the AA board making the neutral territories into part of the continents, and spreading out the Pacific and Atlantic a little more to have more naval strategy. Each land zone had it’s own three digit number that started at 1-2 going through to 1-12 and then ending at 8-12…the idea of player capital placement (and chemical, biological and nuclear fall out effects) was to roll a 8 sided die and two 6 sided die to obtain coordinates for their Capital…each player started with 30 IPC’s for purchase, depending on if they where placed on a island, or land locked, they would by what they needed to start.

    Each continent; like in Risk had a certain value if you owned the whole colored territory, other then that they each had a normal IP value that I tried to keep as true to the actual AA board as possible, and we used the IPC board to track the collection of territories by each player. I even went as far as spray painting those ceramic tile separators that you use to space ceramic tiles apart as you lay them, as Helicopters, they could carry 1 inf each and attacks at 2 and defends at 2. Also used red golf tees as nuclear rockets and green golf tees as germ warheads and blue ones as chemical weapons.
    Had a range of upgrades that a player could by that was kept track of by “cards” I printed out on my printer: Upgrades ranged from the normal Jet Airplanes, Long Range Bombers, to Heavy Armored Tanks that would attack at 3 and defend at 3, all the way to rocket technology that allowed a Super Sub to carry 1 nuc, chem, or bio weapon, or drag the rockets around with a AAA gun. Field Medics that had a chance to save some of your hit inf, or Mechanics that could save some of your hit Armor or Fighters. There was a list of about 20 different upgrades.

    It’s been such a long time since I played it, the friends I use to play it with all moved away, and even though I still have the game intact, it collects dust above my bookcase. But it was very fun and very strategic game play…glad you all reminded it of it…I just started playing the PC version of AA…which got me looking around the forums for some reason.

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    COOL!!! 😎

    heck, I have seen 4 man

  • @Guerrilla:

    heck, I have seen 4 man

    What about Star Trek’s 3-D chess?

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