IPC Values per Region: From 2ndEd to AA50

  • 2007 AAR League

    First of all - yes I’m a nerd.
    But who are you - reading long, dull texts written by a nerd?  😄

    Anyhow, I wanted to check out what has happened over the time from AAA/2ndEd to AA50, in regard to the relative importance of different areas.

    The following games are included in the summary:
    AA50 w/National Objectives

    I’ve divided the maps of the games, into Regions. I’ve added the IPC Value up to a Total IPC Value of the entire region, then divided it over Total IPC Value of the entire board.
    I’ve worked with the following regions:

    East Russia
    Eastern Europe/West Russia
    Japan & Moscow (they don’t really fit in anywhere. maybe i should’ve divided JAP into Asia & Pacific, and Moscow into EastRussia & EasternEurope/WestRussia)
    America & Caribean
    Pacific incl AUS/NZE
    UK & Atlantic

    Anyhow, it was lots of fun collecting, and some rather interesting conclusions could be made.

    Now I’ve included an Excel-file with the data. But I’m wondering how to post screenshots or pictures to the site? If I knew that, the data would be a bit more accesible…Happy reading.
    Analys av Axis & Allies från 2ndEd-AA50.xls

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    You are not a nerd by any stretch. Your an intelligent, passionate person who cares about the same thing we all do. Keep making stuff like this, because i can guarantee you eventually it will filter to somebody that really can use it and benefit from it and that’s why we do these things…for others. don’t stop doing that. This is one of my utmost core beliefs. make it yours and this site will do well.

  • Perry,

    Wow that was very interesting.


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