• Why has the AA games never developed a modern ‘axix of evil’ series for modern day wars like Gulf War I

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    I would say there is no game or widely known game for Gulf I because it wouldn’t be much of a game. Who would want to be the Republican Guard?

    Get SBR’d for 3 or 4 turns and Blitzed over by superior numbers that are superiorly equipped?

    What would be the Victory Conditions?

    What would be the challenges?

    What questions of history would it be trying to reexamine?

    Just doesn’t seem very interesting to me.

  • Hmmm, well when you put it that way, i see your point. Maybe a game where all players represent USA and race to see who kills more of the bad guys?

    I guess maybe i was thinking more like Korea and Viet. where the outcome could be a little different.

  • The tried back a couple of years after Axis with Fortress America. They took the safe route and set it in the “near future”. I think now would be a great time for a strategic level world combat game.  Balance is an issue when one country has more than 50% of the blue water naval power, but clearly no country has a clear cut victory lined up via ground forces.

  • I agree with tlasjr a axis and allies based modern combat game would be awsome, have all the worlds major powers fighting each other for todays statigic locations. I read alot of feorgin affairs/econamist/stratagypage/ which often talk about the global military situation and i would love for a game to represent that.

    the main things in the way of a game like are.

    1. In todays world important dicisions are made by banks/multinational corporations/popular opion instead of fascist/socialist states that command the entire soal of the nation they rule, this makes long protratracted war unlikly

    2. You would need a whole new map with new peices which would be very expensive

    3. You need to makes space a battlefeild which is hard to represent on a 2 d board of jeust earth

    4. FInally Allieances are not set it could be US/EU/China/Japan vs India/Russia or just as easily US/EU/India vs. Russia/China/Iran
    so alliancs would have to be maluable or their would have to be many different scenarios. I would also make the turns represent shorter amounts of time even as short as two weeks.

    plus what do you do to simulate gurillia warfare which is so prevelent. If the game has two week truns through then it is less of an issue since gurilia warfare would be less of an issue

  • Ck out the game SUPREMACY, flawed but playable.

  • The map to supremacy is horrible and they have nothing like the unit varation or number of terriotries axis and allies has. plus their is no reason the countries are fighting each other

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