AA501941Planning Map

  • Greetings all,

    A guy in my gaming group asked me to make a cleaner map to draw arrows on, for planning moves in our games.  So, here it, an is updated cleaner Map with reduced  interference;he was happy,
    maybe someone else will find it useful:AA501941Planningmap
    item:I have removed the WWII factoids.
    item:Redrew more of Map now at 85%, moved Caspian Sea to proper Lattitude, Moved Gibralter (now East of Africian as S/B,) added Weight to Africa, reshaped Germany,Czech-Hungary, and Baltic States, added volume to Black Sea and Med, moved Afghanistan, Reduced some print sizes for map clarity.
    item:Added Allies Frontiers in Classic Colors, Kaki-UK, Red-USSR, Green-USA.
    UK now has Kaki Territory print, Color coded Blue, Vichy French territories names.
    item:Highlighted all of China’s Territory( china + Japan portions as one. )
    item:Retagged Poland territory names with its own color-white.
    getting closer to game time.

    updated (10/15/08) to mapR11;
    item:All Allied Territories now have wide Borders in classic colors,
    easier to see on 11 x 14 print outs.

  • Hi Guys,

    I forgot to ask.  Have any of you started using any of the new rules we have discussed from AA50?  I have posted in other threads, my results.  What about you guys?  Granted, I want to add a new rule every game session, or so my friends tell me ( I love variety. )  We play face to face on a 6’ 2004Revised board, now we play with the new rules we have collected on this site,
    (thanks Krieghund and everyone else.) 
    So, I am curious, have any of you guys, did the same and what did you think.  I loved it.  Like I have said before lots of Navy now, operational and useful, especially subs.
    also, the planning map prints nicely on legal paper(found at staples for me,) most printers can use, even when not mentioned in the printers manual.
    Hell, todays game was cancelled, too many people, missing ill.
    light the fire and drive that game, man I am having fun.
    I found you guys and getting a new AA game to boot -fire!!!

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