i think that for german tanks if you pay 1 more ipc you can get tanks to 3/3

    Russian winter:
    You may use 1,2 or all of them.  this can only be used in russian territories and finland/norway. these affects can be called any turn and you may determine how many times it is able to be called, affects end after a full round

    1. allow the germans to only move 1 space
    2. your infantry can move 2 spaces
    3. german army’s cant use planes
    4. russian armies attacks increase by 1 hile german armies decrease by 1
    5. german armies decrease by 1
    6. russian armies increase by 1
    7. tanks decrease in attack value by 1 and movement to 1
    8.  tanks decrease to 1 movement
    9. tanks decrease in 1 attack value
    10. planes decrease by 1
    11. infantry can not move if german
    12. allies may send you some ipc’s(would not fully recommend it)
    13. factories get burned when germans take them over but when they get retaken by the allies they get rebiult
    14. germans before going for an attack they have to roll a 3 or lower just to be allowed to attack the russians
    15. allies can not land(good if this gets called a lot)
    16.Germans must take a city before taking Moscow because many germans go through belorussia and then Moscow is next and they defend there no more picking and scaring time to make germany do a detour of stalingrad or leningrad either or will do fine i will not make germany capture both but if you want to go for it. (recommended if german player goes for Moscow straight forward to it takes 3 turns )
    17.The allies may make 1 unit in russian territory and it is already converted to the russians (basically a free man)(if you choose this make sure that when the allies send help they send a fighter or a tank fighter more recommended)
    These are my russian house rules i have many more for many other countries but i will post more later when im less lazy! hope these help 😐

  • Another nice trick that i like to use is no blitzing africa because of the sand

    the allies are not allowed to blitz either to give the germans a chance to leave a territory unoccupied and the allies can take it but not do a squeeze and amke them lose some nice income (also i was russia and i survived from this massive battle lucky for me dic was in my favour and the last round i smoked him and he would have retreated but…. i was so lucky almost all my inf. got hits! and i went eats poland to rumania and then he had to divert forces for that and could not bundle enough men to attack me at leningrad which was just strong enough to hold at the time

  • I don’t like the idea of German heavy tanks, simply because German tank-rushing is powerful enough as is.

    I think Russian Winter is a good idea, but it needs more balancing.  Some of those are extremely overpowered.

    I do like the no-blitz in Africa idea, does that include the middle east?

  • I get a reply and yes it does i beleive it should go up to caucasus This will show how russia had a bit of land in the desserts, why do you think its 4 ipcs a very nice place for germany to attack 😛

    Another thing is the russian winter thing is really if you want to use all of them to tell you the truth i only would use 2-3 of my house rules a game not always the same but not all of them.

    And anywaysto add a house rule Belorussia is now split into 2 territories i have though tof many ways to split it like amke belorussia able to touch on 1 side the annex nations and stalingrad+leningrad while the other side touches stalingrad+leningrad and moscow.
    Make top of belorussia a very small territory and make that route 1 turn longer to move men.
    These territories are only for german movement, sake not russian movement!

    To make it better for the atlantic fleet for germany allow germany to have 1 sub in central america

  • Ok to make this more atlantic fun i have made a house rule that the german player will like since if you look at my thread about germany making 5 subs in 3 turns.
    Well germany is allowed to make 1 free sub for every turn while the usa can make 1 transport a turn.

    This has occured to me maybe make transports for the western allies at 5-7 ipcs and the subs for germany 5-7 ipcs more realistice. What do you guys think?

    Also germany subs i would go for 6 and transports 6

    Germany must keep 1 naval unit not including a sub in the convoy
    since if the sub leaves the convoy isn’t really getting attacked it’s just wrong so i fixed this up a bit!

  • Tell me what you think also to piont out i am the most times!

  • Ok! I have found my newest house rule and this is that the western allies have to do d-day before a turn limit happens.

    Example germany and the western allies agree on by turn 15 they need d-day if they land before turn 15 they don’t lose but after turn 15 if they try and fail or don’t even land they lsoe and germany wins. This would make the allies makeing land units jsut to keep the game going

  • Ok! Found the next one that i find that is usefull you mus ttake italy’s spot as well as germany’s to make it look more interesting.
    Even though Italy is not palyed it has an  ipc and will give germany a chance to retake it though this is just to make italy have a pitifull attempt like reallife!

  • Someone voted please tell me your reasoning(rakeman most likly)

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