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10 Years Ago

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    According to thepeoplehistory.com this is what things cost 10 years ago:

    $2.53 on average for 1 pound of bacon
    $3.16 on average for a gallon of 2 percent milk
    $0.88 on average for a dozen grade A large eggs (white)
    $1.26 on average for a loaf of bread
    $1.06 on average for a gallon of unleaded gas
    $0.32 on average for a first class stamp

    According to my first hand experience, at Jewel-Osco food stores and Shell Gasoline:

    $3.69 for 1 pound of bacon (brand name: Corn King, a common brand here)
    $2.99 for a gallon of 2 percent milk (Jewel brand)
    $1.98 for a dozen grade A large eggs (white)
    $2.00 for a loaf of white bread - whole grain + calcium and vitamin D (Sara Lee - Note, price is 2 for $4 which is 1 for $2)
    $3.69 for a gallon of unleaded gas (Shell, note does NOT include 10% discount for using shell card, with discount cost is $3.32 gallon.)
    $0.42 for a first class stamp

    I just thought it interesting.  What do things cost for you where you live?  I ask, because this nation is frakking huge!  Fresh lobster in Maine has to be less than in Chicago, etc.

  • for us 4 litres of milk is 4$and a bit higher and lower in canada
    and eggs is 2$ in canada
    loaf of bread is like 2.50$ lol
    stamps are 25 cents weres the cents sign they are actually making sense
    bacon dont realy now to well im guessing 3$
    and gass is more then yours lol a gallon=3 litres we pay 1.30$= 390 for a gallon also a gallon is more like 3.214343545459349 a litre

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    Canadian Bacon is Ham in America.  Unless you are referring to what Americans call bacon (long, paper thin strips of meat)

    Other than that, it appears ~ to what we pay here for you up there. (~ means Approximately Equal To)

  • great glad to be of some assistance(bacon is kool for us)

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