• I just downloaded a free iPhone/iPod Touch app that has all of the A&A mini cards in it. You can create armies by sets or nations and keep those cards in there at hand to check out the stats as you play. I know you keep all the cards when you play, but I always feel cluttered with all those cards and keeping track of them, too. I am new though.

    Anyway, its in the App store as A&AM. Just a little FYI

  • The only problem I see with this is you have to add a hundreds-of-dollars iPhone obssession to your hundreds-of-dollars A&A Minitaures obsession to make it work  😄

  • Good call. I ended up buying my iPhone last year when it was mucho dollars. I used money from a huge eBay auction I sold. Then, a month later, iPhones dropped $200. DANGIT! Of course, back then, I wasn’t introduced to A&A.

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