• For those of us who are wondering how stacking will work now that some artillery are “large” here is the post from AH.

    When the rules update appears, one of the changes is a very simple tweak to the stacking rules; i.e., stacking limits will apply at the end of your movement phase rather than at the end of each individual unit’s move. If you think about the implications of that, it solves a lot of the oddities in the current rule, including loading and unloading of guns. (The rule itself is phrased more tightly than my general statement – and no, I’m not going to answer questions about it until the actual rules are released.)


    To me it seems like a way to get extra movement from units.

    Example:  A large infrantry force is moving as a group in multiple hexes.  Front line gets disrupted, unit limit maxed out.  Typically this would leave you two chioces, go around or wait to move the other units.  You can now move all units into that hex, overstacking by any number of units, I say 6, which covers the hexes behind.  Drive a few more vehicles into that hex and you have a major overstacking and redeployment into adjacent hexes.  Upon redeployment consider that you can advance you infrantry another hex forward, vehicles also even if you used all of their movement.  Sounds and looks like checkers.

    We have had games where stacking rules were broken and redeployment was used to the overstackers advantage.  It was rare but considering these rules it would seem that now it would be very common.

    Mot am I making sense here?

  • I’m thinking they are opening pandoras box.

    Yes, you used to be able to bump an isolated infantry every now and then, but it was easy to fugure out.

    If you wait until the end of the turn it will a nightmare to manage.

    As you said, you move 2 Inf into a hax that already conatins two inf.  The two original Inf now try charge forward in an MG and get disrupted so they cannot move.  But its the end of the turn and you’ve moved a dozen units.  Now what, you have to “unmove” the first two Inf that you moved to fix the overstack, hoping you remember which hexes they came from?

    It gets insanely worse with vehicles.

    No, that will break the game.  They’ve done some odd things in the past, but this will break the game.

    I have to beileve that the rule will be different than we are guessing.  Something like, any unit that is overstacked cannot Attack.  So you can overstack all you want, but if you dont resolve it by the end of the turn then that unit is pretty much a hood ornament.  Or something equally different.

    Thanks for the heads up, we’ll all have to keep our eyes peeled.

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