Germany: Invade and capture Britain on turn 1.

  • I just finished playing a game of A&AE. My friend, who was overwhelmed by the responsibility of playing Germany, chose to play the Brits and the Amis, and my roomate played the Russians. While my friend, who had never played A&AE before, learned the rules, I decided to show off to the newbie and thus formulated my plan of invading Britain on turn 1.
    Cash Advance: I used the cash advance to buy 1 transport, which I placed in the barents sea, and 1 artillery, which I placed in Norway. My roommate, unsuspecting of my plan, convinced the newbie that the Russians needed the cash. He took it and added it to his ipc stash. Turn 1: I puchased 4 inf, 2 subs, and 1 ftr.  I invaded east poland and the baltic states, taking both with minimal casulties. I sent all three subs within range of the Davis Strait and destroyed the transport, losing two subs, and submerging the last sub. I sent two subs, 1 from the mid-atlantic (“blitzing” the U.S. 6 convoy) and 1 from the South Atlantic and destroyed the two U.S. naval units. Meanwhile, I loaded up the Barents transport with 1 inf and 1 art, and sent it to the Atlantic. I sent all three naval units from the Danish sea ( and a Germany ftr) againist the Destroyer in the channel, destroying it easily, losing a sub.The transport had 1 inf and 1 art loaded onto it. Now the ground battle was ready, as I loaded the two inf, two art, sent two ftr’s (1 from Norway and 1 from France) and 1 bomber aganist 4 inf, 1 tank, 1 art, 1 bomber, two ftrs, and an AA gun. Heres how the battle commenced:

    The AA roll, which I had feared most, came up as : 5,2,2 : 0 hits. Whew! :-D
    I rolled for my forces, and scored a combined total of 4 hits. My friend chose to destroy the bomber and three infantry. He counterattacked, scoring only 2 hits. He had rolled a 6,6,5,5,4,1 for the ground units, and a 6,3 for the ftrs. I lost two inf.
    Round 2: I rolled well in round 2, scoring 4 hits with the two art and two ftrs, but missing with the bmb. The brits lost their remaining ground units as well as ftr. His counter attack roll scored two hits. I removed 1 art and 1 ftr from play, leaving me with 1 art, 1 ftr, and 1 bomber. All the brits had left was 1 ftr. I destroyed it easily in round 3, while its return fire rolled a 4, destroying my last ftr. The bomber returned to Germany, leaving the 1 artillery alone in Britain. I moved forces closer to the soviet front, placed my units, and collected my 48 ipcs, which added to the 25 from Britain, giving me 73 ipc’s! And I knew there was nothing they could do about it. The Russians attacked on all fronts, and even attempted to take norway by landing, which failed. When the brit’s turn came up, he attempted to clear the U.S. east coast, which he did. He than friutlessly continued on with the U.S., and than it was my turn again. Game over. An Axis vixtory in 1 round; hypothetically only 1 turn :evil:.
    Any other ideas of Britain invasions? How else to use the 12 ipc advance to aid an invasion w/out the opponent catching wind?

  • luck man just pure luck if i was being gb (i got nice dice rolls) i cant improv ur strat but im just saying if its me id destroy my bomber for the allies to keep gb and victory would b round 2 lol but even so the western allies cant possibly get to it aotumatical win

  • Just to clarify the British player did destroy their bomber turn 1. I was lucky, but the forces in the battle are fairly even…

  • That’s about a 1-in-10 battle for you to take England, by the way.  Attacking with 7 units @ 18 punch vs. 9 units @ 21 punch (plus AA).  So you got really lucky, enjoy it :P.

  • if u want ur britian attack to happen on turn 1 it wotn happen again lol

  • 6.73% result in fact

  • @DY:

    6.73% result in fact

    well then, there you have it…

  • I congratulate you on your success. I must note though, had Sealion failed, Germany would have been screwed….

  • @Lisi7266:

    I sent all three naval units from the Danish sea ( and a Germany ftr) againist the Destroyer in the channel, destroying it easily, losing a sub.The transport had 1 inf and 1 art loaded onto it.

    I am relatively new to this, but as I understand the rules it is not allowed to load and unload a transport if it was in combat the same turn.  :? Since the Danish sea transport went through the English Channel destroyer I believe you were only allowed to land your Norwegian units on turn 1.

    EDIT: Hrmm I must have read the rules wrong… but if it is allowed, why not put your transport next to your other transport in the Danish sea?

  • Bold plan there, but as someone else said that was very lucky. If the AA scored a hit I think you would have lost. Good job though and I’m pretty sure that those guys were pissed, lol.

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