STL House Rules Axis & Allies revised edition

  • We here in saint louis have come up with our on house rules. We love
    the game already but thought a few changes to the game wouldn’t hurt.

    During your combat phase, when you attack you can carry one
    infintry along with each bomber you attack with. The infintry can be
    where the bomber starts or the bomber can pick up the infintfy on its way
    to its target (Example:the bomber moves from trans-jordan picks up an
    infintry in persia and attacks french indo-china).The infintry cannot move
    then be picked up in the same turn. During the first round of combat only
    the infintry brought by the bomber attacks on 2. The bomber can still attack even though carrying the infintry. (only U.S, U.K, and Germany
    can use paratroopers) Also if the bomber is destroyed by AA in the attack so is the infintry.
    Infintry may be picked up in non-combat also.

    Resistance:If your capital gets captured by enemy powers then you can still make troops but on your collect
    income phase you only get half the IPC’s you have on the chart.

    Reinforced Carriers:(replace super submarines on wepons development chart)
    When this is developed your carriers take 2 hits in the same way battleships do.

    Russia’s national advantages:

    Germany’s national advantages:

    Panzer Tanks (revised): The same except panzer tanks cost 7.

    Flak 88’s (replace Panzer Grenidiers)
    During your mobilize new units phase you can place 1 free artilery in any gray
    territory so long as your not exceding the limit of the territory.

    United Kingdom’s national advantages:

    Royal Air Force (replaces French resistance)
    During the conduct combat phase your fighters fire in the opening fireing step
    on defence regaurdless whether or not your opponet has planes present. In a
    strategic bombing raid against one of your territories you get an extra aa roll for
    each of your planes there.

    Japan’s National advantages:

    Dug in defenders (revised)
    if your infintry are on an island they defend on 3 during the first round of
    combat during an amphibious assault. Any battleships that assault also hit on 3
    instead of 4 (any destroyers that assault hit on 2 instead of 3).

    Zero squadrans (replace long lance torpedo)
    For every 2 zeros you attack with in one country 1 of them attacks on 4 during
    the first round of combat.

    America’s National advantages:

    82nd Airborne Division (replace lend-lease program)
    During your purchase new units phase you can buy “Airborne Infintry” they cost 4
    IPC’s and you can only buy 1 a turn. These infintry can defend on 3 and attack
    on 1 (unless carried by bomber or supported by artillery). They may also be
    placed in any territory you’ve owned this entire turn regaurdless if the
    territory has an industrial complex or not. They may also be placed in a
    territory that already has its maximum number of units placed (ex. if on your
    deploy new units phase you placed 2 infintry in alaska asuming theres an
    industrial complex in alaska then you can place your airborne infintry as the

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    ok pretty standard stuff. good.

    Why do german tanks cost 7? are they still 3/3 tanks? or 4/4?

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    I’d say that Bombers can carry 1 infantry in combat, or 2 infantry in non-combat.  Double that with Heavy Bombers.

    Kamikazees should just be 1 free fighter attack in opening fire (this is not represented by a unit on the board and costs nothing except having the NA.)

    No reinforced carriers, replace with Naval AA Guns (Battleship or Carrier, treat like multiple AA Guns when both ships are present.) AA Guns can shoot kamikazees down. (Hell, they were designed to do that in the pacific!)

    If Panzers cost 7, then they need to have Panzers and Normal tanks (put a control marker under the panzer stack) Attack 4, defend 3 move 2 (but can retreat 1 after combat for an effective move of 3.)

  • Panzers attack on 4 and defend on 4. And yes, Germany can still buy regular tanks.

  • I don’t understand the national advantages.  “Replace Long Lance Torpedos”?  “Replace Lend Lease Program”?  “Replace Panzer Grenadiers”?  “Revised Panzer Tanks”?  These aren’t national advantages in revised to begin with  :?

    Where did you get these NAs from?

  • Click on the Axis& picture in the top left part of your screen, then click on the House Rules Link (its going to be in a column on the left side of your screen), then click on Axis & allies revised. After that click on the link that says Mr. Anderrson’s house rules in the middle of your screen. The rules in that are the ones which a good chunck of people play from. Our rules here are just a modification to those.

  • i like the idea of tanks the 4/4 tanks can be like tigers

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