• i have some miniatures to trade,heres the list
    1939-1945 (set VI)

    27/60: bazooka x 4 (u.s.)
    37/60: red devil captain x 4 (u.s.)
    32/60: M4A1 sherman x 4 (u.s.)
    1/60: cromwell IV x 4 (u.k.)
    24/60: t-36/76 x4 3 (s.u.)
    43/60: panzer III x 4 (g)
    42/60: mg42 x 4 (g)
    44/60: panzerfaust 30 x 4 (g)
    all in perfect condition with stat cards.
    SET II
    28/45 pak 40 anti-tank gun X 3 (g)
    17/45 PIAT gunner   X 6 (u.k.)
    7/45 cossack captain X 4 (s.u.)
    2/45 kuomintang officer X 6 (n.c.)
    12/45 PTRD-41 anti-tank rifle X 4 (s.u.)
     (some bagged, some not)

    t34-76 commander
    kv1 tank
    BAR gunner’s
    m5 half track
    renault r 35
    royal engineer’s x 2
    sig 33
    type 95 ha-go tank
    kuomintang machine gun team x 4
    zis-5 3 ton x 2
    hero of the soviet union x 5

    all allied units considered,  preferably u.s. and soviet units from any set, particularly soviet and u.s. infantry and light vehicles

    if anyone wants to trade i would like the miniatures to be undamaged (dosent matter if there not in perfect condition), and with the stat cards

  • @d142:

    im have some miniatures to trade,heres the list
    1939-1945 (i think its set 2, the one that says now with bigger tanks)

    1939-1945 is Set VI (or Set 6 if you’re not from Rome)

    Though as the 1st of the “larger size” sets, its been derogatively called “Version 2”

  • thank’s for the correction.

  • Normally those distinctions dont matter, but when trading there is a big difference between a Set II Char Bis and a Set VI Char Bis.

  • i think i saw a 1939-1945 starter set II somewhere, is that right, or have i mistaken something, because i got miniatures from “set II”, mostly troops, although there are a couple of vehicles. some of the miniatures are the same as in the list’s for 1939-1945 set VI, can i use the miniatures from set II with the ones from set VI.

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