People getting worse, or am I actually getting better?

  • I will have to play a game of classic as well. Interesting to see my skills since I havent played that in like 10 years.

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    I don’t understand how Power Africa negates the ability of Kwangbang.  To be honest, unless Japan gets 6 IPC of the bid (1 Infantry for Manchuria and 1 Infantry for Kwangtung) I don’t see much that would stop the allies from attacking those territories.  Far better to destroy the Japanese fighter in Manchuria then cower in Yakut, I believe.

    Why would you want to spread those two inf? If the allies can’t take both its not worth it… So if you have 5 inf, 1 arm and 1 fig vs 5(I don’t remember if it was 5 or 6), 1 arm and 1 fig… You won’t get the jap fig, but accomplish that Japan can easily walk through Asia and if you take kwantung (Germany will get a huge IPC boost, because they can hold Africa so much longer), you won’t really set back the Japanese…

    Btw a PAs bid should be around 32 to make the game interesting…

    Then you used the wrong term.  PA = Power AFRICA.  PJ or something should be Power Japan which then yes, if you waste 2 or 3 infantry from the bid in Manchuria (which means Germany is probably putting 3 or 4 infantry into Africa then) there is no point to a Kwangbang.

  • In a Pafr bid(around 21-24), there usually goes 1-2 inf of the bid to Manch. And you are correct, a PowerAsia bid should be around 32…

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