• I always play Russia, and even with incompetent or inexperienced allied counterparts I am able to defeat even the most experienced, ruthless German gamer…I don’t understand why people have such a hard time playing Russia. They have a rather flexible and concise area to work with, as well as a fair amount of forces and numerous placement options. I have devised numerous strategies for victory, all of which are creative, practical, and able to change with the pace and flow of the game. I love playing Russia. It presents a unique challenge.

  • I think it has more to do with the competence of the German player than the incompetence of the other Allies…

  • the fact that the soviet player wins has nothing to do with the incompetence of the brits and Ami’s, and very little to do with their competence, because if russia is played correctly even the most competent german player is beaten, or at the very least unable to conquer Moscow.

  • nine times out of ten, the average german gamer will invade the soviet union, attempting the most obvious and historically accurate route to victory. Thus, regardless of the axis purchase and placement w/ initial 12 ip’s, the russian player should recieve the 12 ipc’s and should use them to purchase reserve forces, perhaps including the bolstering of lenningrads’ defence.This is a crucial first step in a Russian defence.

  • I haven’t played A&A Europe in 3 or 4 years, but I used to PBEM all the time.

    Are you familair with using this website to play games?  If you wanted to give it a try, I’d be curious to see what you do differently than most I’ve seen.


  • am familiar with PBEM, but never played it. Would be willing and interested to look into it.

  • Take a look here:


    An A&A Europe module can be found here:



  • i just got the game but played out senarios many times and found out if u skip east poland as germany
    the russian player can keep 1 inf. there and retreat the rest and make that 1 inf as a blockade? sound good to you guys if they dotn attak there 1st

  • yo dude i know ur there so whats happening do u agree with me

  • @Lisi7266:

    am familiar with PBEM, but never played it. Would be willing and interested to look into it.

    Let me know if you decide to try out PBEM…

  • ok……
    i am just pionting out that germany if sending all units to russia/ussr then germany can win easily though the allies have to be quite stupid lol i like usa because at the satrt i make gb make the navy and i mass air so far my air is in 2 turns 3 bombers and 5 fighters

    1 bomber in gb and 2 fighters 2 fighters in usa and 1 bomber and in gibraltar 1 bomber and 1 fighter

  • italiansarecoming; using lighter forces as ‘roadblocks’ is an interesting tactic, and not an uncommon one. If the Germans fail to attack swiflty and hard in Russia, than more defence and ultimately offensive options open up for the Soviet player. I strongly believe that the German player has to be lucky in order to win the game. A strong, all out attack on Russia could leave their forces spread out, and a dependence financially on land forces could ultimately lead to victory, but will also give the western allies more options to support Russian forces, or even attack Africa, Italy or Scandanavia early on in the game. At the very least the Soviet player should be able to fight the Germans to a stand still.
    A tactic a friend uses while playing Russia: The German player threw everything at him, taking vyborg, baltic states, east ploand, bessarabia, and the Ukraine. My friend reinforced lenningrad, caucasus, and belorusia; however, he didn’t ‘stack’ it, rather he spread his forces out evenly in these three locations. He split the bulk of his force up in Moscow, Russia, and Turkestan, and promptly fought to keep the convoy open off norway, as well as sunk the Baltic transport. The German player concentrated heavily into Belorussia, taking it with some casulties. The tactic my friend than incorporated was to counterattack the rather large german force with reserve tanks, infantry, air, and artillery, and destroy all but a few German tanks, than retreat back to Moscow. Infantry would reinforce key locations.

  • Will do, Mot.


  • brilliant strategy

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