Questions about the playing pieces in Axis and Allies

  • What is the size of the playing pieces for Axis and Allies and Fortress America?  Is there a scale for inches as well as mm?

    A&A and FA both have units that are the same size….What games are out there that have units in that same size?

    I know of table tactics, but are there any other sites that sell units in that size.

    I am trying to collect games and pieces that are all the same size.  A&A, FA, and the table tactic pieces are all the same size…I am looking for information related to that.

  • has trees in several colors that contain 35 pieces each. has extra pieces available for their WW3 A&A variant. You have four colors to choose from there. I’ve read you can get A&A pieces from but haven’t seen it.

  • Customizer

    Yeah what he said. Also check out

  • Don’t even bother trying to get pieces from Hasbro. They don’t care about us A&A players to offer part sets to us & when you ask they just give you the royal run-around. Sorry if I sound too bitter…

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