Japanese anti-Indian strategy

  • Objective: put pressure on India and take it as quickly as possible, thereby clearing the way for attacks vs. Caucasus and China.

    Builds: 2 trs, 1 inf.

    Combat moves:
    Midway Sz- West coast: 2 ftr
    Midway Sz- Hawaii Sz: 2 ftr
    Car. I. Sz- Hawaii Sz: 1 DD
    Car. I. Sz- East Indies Sz: 1 trs
    Car. I. Sz- Okinawa-Phillippines Sz: 1 trs
    Car. I. - Phillipines: 1 inf
    Okinawa- Phillippines: 1 inf
    Car. I. - East Indies 2 inf
    Japan Sz- Phil. I. Sz: 1 trs
    Formosa Sz- Phil. I. Sz: 1 BB
    Formosa Sz- Burma Sz: 1 CV, 1 CA (bombard), 1 trs
    Japan- Phil. I.: 1 inf, 1 arm.
    Japan- Kwantung: 1 ftr
    Kiangsu- Fukien: 2 inf
    Manchuria-Fukien: 1 ftr
    FIC-Kwangtung: 1 inf
    Formosa-Kwangtung: 1 ftr
    Formosa Sz-India Sz: 2 ftr
    Formosa-Burma: 1 inf, 1 art
    FIC-Burma: 2 inf

    Non-combat moves:
    India Sz-Burma Sz: 2 ftr
    Midway Sz-Japan Sz: 2 CV
    West coast Sz-Japan Sz: 2 ftr
    Hawaii Sz- Japan Sz: 2 ftr
    Fukien- FIC: 1 ftr
    Kwangtung- FIC: 2 ftr
    Manchuria-Kiangsu: 1 inf

    Builds: Japan sea sz: 2 trs, Japan: 1 inf.

    These moves pave the way for a turn 2 attack on India with 4-5 inf, 1 art and 5 ftr, as well as 1 CA bombarding. The only way to survive this attack is for the Allies to cooperate and the Soviets moving down at least 3-4 inf through Persia starting on turn 1. If they do this, UK may get a build in an Indian IC but the Japanese have a strong advantage in being able to get shore bombardment against India. An IC in FIC is also a good build on turn 2, and is well placed vs. India. After taking India, Japan can move vs. Russia from the South and/or against China. A lot of builds of course will be naval and air units to counter American offensives and later on put pressure vs. Australia and Hawaii. The possible draw-back to this strategy is that China will survive a little longer and also Hawaii, but the advantages of preventing an active UK IC in India I think are decisive.

    Edit: changed the build now that we know of that US national objective involving Wake Island and Midway. Now grabbing those islands on turn 2 seem to be crucial to reduce US income. Of course, if you’re superstitious about deploying your carriers at Midway, you can grab Solomon Islands instead…

  • @Lynxes:

    Formosa Sz- Phil. I. Sz: 1 BB (naval attack), 1 CA (bombard)

    I don’t believe you can exclude the cruiser from naval combat to get off a bombardment, unless the rule changed for some reason for Ann.  This puts you with 1inf/1arm vs. 2 inf on Philippines.

  • /03321

    You’re right. I’ve adjusted the strategy. This means the Borneo invasion will be post-poned one turn but threatening India is worth it I think. You might have a different strategy though if Russia has moved heavy infantry reinforcement to Persia on turn 1. Then you might want to set-up a turn 3 attack on India.

  • i agree take india as fast as possible though taking india will probably make russia and japan have more wars now since gb and china will b out so then eastern front wont be as active as normal which will help the italians do the allie want that i think they do then when the italians ahev all in afrika gb and usa sweep buy and take italy

  • The Japanese already have a huge fleet by Hong Kong. Why not utilize it to shuttle troops from Japan to India and Burma ASAP and overwhem it? The Chinese infantry can’t leave China to help the British, so India is on its own. If the British focus their efforts in Europe, that will mean Japan will dominate in Asia very quickly.

  • 2017 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    Japan plays before UK, so that means UK needs 3 turns to get new forces placed with factory, which means Japan has till turn J2 to finish the job. It should set up for India on J2 and not J1, because the Chinese and Indo, Borneo are too important to avoid and you cant do all three or you leave out the Chinese fighter which must die on J1 or prove a big problem for Japan

  • /IL

    My proposed attack is to go for India on J2. This way an IC will be blocked as UK won’t build in a defenceless area. China, Borneo and Solomons etc can be taken on turn 2 easily.

    If Russians pour down into Persia on R1, well then I think you should postpone the attack and be ready for a heavy assault with shore bombardment on J3. In that case you of course can attack Yunnan, Borneo and even Wake Island on J1.

  • i totally agree turn 2 for japan

  • @Sherman:

    The Japanese already have a huge fleet by Hong Kong. Why not utilize it to shuttle troops from Japan to India and Burma ASAP and overwhem it. The Chinese infantry can’t leave China to help them, so India on its own.

    True. China is so buggy in this game that those gamey strategies are possible  😛

  • thanks  for agreeing

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