• Exactly how does the “Bidding” balancing rule work? I only know it’s supposed to give the axis more units and help balance the game =P

  • you should put this in the player help forum

  • I’ll use Wild2000 to explain bidding:


    Well, I am thinking the best way to determine who is what side is play with a bid. From the early votes, it looks like we are going to be playing RR, so bidding tends to be fairly low (up to 8 IPC’s). Since we do not have any way to have sealed bids, it would probably be easiest to do auction style bidding.

    An example of auction bidding is player A says that he is willing to play the Axis with a bid of 7. Player B says, she will bid 5 for the Axis. Player A says, he will bid 4 for the Axis. Player B says okay you can play the Axis.

  • ive never played with bidding…

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