• Just out of curiosity, does anybody know whether or not Ethiopia belongs to Italy in the 1941 setup? If so, how will if affect strategy/ movement in Africa?

  • It does not. The UK owns it outright. It could, however, be a house rule that Ethiopia becomes a Italian territory, but the military power Ethiopia has would be very weak.

  • After the defeat at Cheren (March 27th 1941) and the surrender of Massaua (April 8th 1941) Ethiopia was wirtually in English hands. The Viceroy of Ethiopia, Amedeo D’Aosta, surrendered at Amba Alagi in May 19th 1941 and this may be considered the date of definitive end of Italian control of Ethiopia.

    So it is correct that Ethiopia is controlled by UK in the 1941 set-up.

  • I see! I wasn’t exactly sure on the dates of the British campaigns in Ethiopia, but with those now in mind it makes sense that it doesn’t belong to Italy considering the start date for the 41 scenario.

    I wasn’t expecting much in the way of Italian forces there anyways- one piece of infantry at most! Poor Mussolini. His hard earned place in the sun didn’t stand much of a chance…

  • It would have been interesting to have given it to Italy, but have no troops on it in the opening setup.

  • '10

    In “XENOS WORLD AT WAR” Ethiopia is still Italian - containing 2 infantry.

    It is a nice game but you need patience if you are the US or Russian Player.

    Larrys games (AA, AA revised und AA50) have more gameflow.

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    Lets see how ITALY pans out as a player…  It may have to become a house rule that Italian East Africa to give them a better chance and balance the game.  As far as it looks to me, Italy has an up hill battle and will (Historically) have to beg assistance from Germany once OPERATION TORCH takes effect.

    I say this only because the layout of the Atlantic has not changed and UK/USA still have the ability to drop troops in Algeria EVERY turn and ITALY seems to have limited resources.

    The combination of Torch and a possible UK IC in Sudan/South Africa will put ITALY at a huge disadvantage.

  • Well, until we know the real setup, it is very hard to judge about Italy.  I suspect that normally the German player will also play Italy.  I doubt if many people actually have 5 player games.

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