• For those of you who might like something more tangible for the US PT boats than a cardboard counter, Panzerschiffe’s makes a nice unit counter in 1/2400 scale, which is the scale for the destroyers in the game.  Their website is as follows:


    They also have an American APD for use if you want to have the option of fast transports for delivering supplies.  I am not real thrilled with the rule allowing for delivery of supplies by destroyers.  Japanese destroyers delivering infantry yes, but not supplies or heavier units.  The US did not use destroyers for delivering infantry or supplies, using the APDs instead.
    Panzerschiffe PT boats.jpg

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    I have many of those. They are a rip off. Better to buy skytrex because its cheaper and the smokestacks don’t break off from those cheap plastic things from Panzerschiffe. Plus he does not make all the different types of ships so your resorting to buying both metal and plastic anyway to make a complete set…so you might as well save the waste and stick with metals.

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