• 2007 AAR League

    Yeah, I almost interchanged those two.  The reason I didn’t was because in the early game UK is capable of contesting Africa from Germany, if played correctly.  In my opinion, spots 4 and 5 are a toss up between UK and USA.  I probably should have put that.

  • We play Russia Restricted, and just instituted bidding, not that it makes a whole lot of difference to Russia’s strategy for the most part.

    Buy infantry, stack everything in Karelia that can reach it, leave 3 to 4 men in Caucuses.  Stack in Yakut, leave one man in SovFE, he will die eventually, but it forces the japs to spread their attacks on round one, and with luck you might even survive with him.

    Russia 2 (and for the rest of the game until the allies are seriously taking over) you buy infantry. Take Norway, with men and some tanks, you will need this money for the rest of the game. 
    Usually, Germany pulls back from Ukraine some, to protect E.Eur and oppose your oppresive Kar stack. Play cat and mouse with Ukraine, taking it with bare minimum of infantry and airsupport.  Keep karelia stacked and reinforce with allied fighters.Â

    If Germany is foolish and spreads troops (especially if they try for Cau, now you know why to leave extra men there) then strife the weakest country (Eeur is money), and annhilate any troops who come too far east.Â

    The yakut stack, on the other hand, should retreat to Novo on this turn if Jap plays correctly and stacks in Man.  If Jap is played poorly, leave a man to guard, otherwise if its an obvious kill zone, just pull back with russia (russia is the only country I will do a full retreat with, you NEED those men later), the only exception to this is if there are tanks which can blitz, then you MUST sacrifice a man to stop the blitz.  DO NOT WASTE THE EASTERN FRONT ON FOOLISH ASSAULTS.  If you can be counterattacked with any decent strength, you dont want to take that action.

    Rus3: Pull all men out of Nor, its russian territory now, the germans will never reclaim it.  Keep playing the cat and mouse game, always buying infantry, but placing two or three in russia and sending them east, provided the allies are helping defend karelia.  Keep retreating from Jap, but be always ready for them to overextend themselves, and when they do, annhilate their army. Otherwise, fall back, build a stack, and strife the invading army.  Be careful with Caucauses btw, keep men there, it is nasty blitz route for both jap and german forces from africa, right into your heart.

    Finally, dont lose tanks, dont lose fighters. They are your only teeth for later in the game, strifing will be your best friend, so NO risky maneuvers with them.  And get help from the allies.  Even played perfectly, with good luck as well, the russians can only hold out max 7 rounds or so without allied support. Eventually, japan will take them otherwise.  If you play this way described, you should actually be able to keep russias income level or even one or two IC’s higher than normal, for the entirety of the beginning game. THats a fair amount of extra men, it will show in your moscow stack when the japanese finally make their crushing assault inwards.

  • Why leave 3-4 man in Cau? one will do… Depends on what bid you guys playing, but buying some tanks is not that bad for the USSR at the right time. It makes your strafes better than just with inf and air.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Yeah, buying arm with Russia is really good if you can swing it.  If I take FIN with USSR in R2 (usual) and land UK troops there B2, the first wave will be arriving in Karelia on B3.  I may try to swing some arm with USSR on my R4 purchases, if the UK troops have bolstered my KAR defense enough to allow it.

    daggaz - I wouldn’t leave an inf in SFE.  You say yourself that inf on the Eastern front are too valuable to waste but then advocate throwing one away in SFE.  Keep them together in YAK.  It may save you 2IPC income for 1 turn, but more likely it will just cost you 3IPC in units on the Eastern front.  Keep these guys together until they can do something useful like counterattacking a weak Japanese holding in Yakut or Sinkiang.

    And I agree with Bashir - 1 inf in CAU is all you need (as a blitz blocker).  If Germany wants to take CAU, he either has to commit additional ground units (which will die on the next USSR turn) or pull fighters off the UK fleet targets/Anglo-Egypt.  Either scenario is good, so let him take CAU if he wants to.  Meanwhile you are even better defended in Kar with those extra inf

  • rjclayton, I was thinking about leaving that inf in SFE.  You want to accomplish the same as in Cau. Japan needs to take it with more than one 1 inf without leaving his stack in Manch exposed. If he has sufficient you can retreat with Russia and move that one inf from sfe to yakult to protect your back.

  • 2007 AAR League

    The difference though is that Germany committing additional ground units to CAU means those units die R2.  Japan committing additional ground units to secure SFE does nothing for Russia other than pull them off China - Russia can’t really counterattack them because SFE is a Japan deadzone with their fighters, transports, and BBs.

    It is somewhat micromanagement, we’re only talking about 2 IPCs and 1 inf, but I still think you’re better off just giving Jap SFE.

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