Axis and Allies, Air battles. (The real contested skies)

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome if they made a game called “Contested Skies” that incorporated every fighter and bomber of the time and focused on the air war? Of course they would have to make the European & Pacific theater seperate games.

    Perhaps a game focusing on “The Battle of Britain” as well. You would have to incorporate strategic bombing to civilian, military and industrial targets into the game. This would work great in my opinion with the European air war, considering it was stratigic bombing and air supperiority the Allies had to establish before they could successfully invade fortress Europe.

    Being an aircraft buff, it would be awesome to see a game like this take form with detalied and painted miniatures to symbolize fighter wings. Small, clear plastic stands would be amazing to symbolize if your fighters were in the air or landed and vulnerable to attack at airfields. I would imagine flak gun rules would have to be thought out as well in great detail. The germans fighter pilots, when desperate would attack, flying through their own flak and even ramming bombers.

    Any thoughts, opinions or ideas on a game like this? I think it would be a big hit. Especially if the planes were painted and aesthetically pleasing.

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