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    National objectives
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    National objectives in AA50, what do we know? You get an IPC bonus each turn for holding a set of territories (you or your friendly powers). This is what I gathered from different posts, and in the case of Japan, read from a BGG pic from GENCON. I add some educated guesses on my part in parenthesis, which probably are far-off in some cases. Please correct me if you have the information!


    France+Northwestern Europe+Germany+Poland+Czechoslovakia/Hungary+Roumania/Bulgaria = 5 IPCs
    Baltic States+Belorussia+East Ukraine+Ukraine= 10 IPCs
    (Karelia+Archangelsk+Russia+Caucasus= 10 IPCs)

    Soviet Union

    Archangelsk + no Allied units on red areas= 5 IPCs
    Finland+Baltic States+East Poland+Ukraine = 5 IPCs
    (Poland+Czech-Hungary+Bulgaria-Roumania+Balkans= 10 IPCs)


    Manchuria+Formosa+French Indo-China=5 IPCs
    Kwangtung+Netherlands East Indies+Borneo+Phillippine Islands+New Guinea+Solomon Islands= 5 IPCs
    Hawaiian Islands+Australia+India=5 IPCs


    (Norway+Finland+Northwestern Europe+France=5 IPCs)
    (Hong-Kong+Burma+India+Netherlands East Indies+Borneo+New Guinea+Solomon Islands+Australia+New Zealand=5 IPCs)
    (Gibraltar+Egypt+Transjordan+Persia=5 IPCs)
    (Italy+Balkans+Libya+Morocco-Algeria=5 IPCs)


    No enemy ships in Med sea zones, sz 13,14,15= 5 IPCs
    (Libya+Egypt+Anglo-Egypt Sudan+Transjordan+Italian Africa=10 IPCs)


    France = 5 IPCs
    (Phillippine Islands=5 IPCs)
    (Italy= 5 IPCs)
    (Hawaiian Islands+Midway+Marshall Islands+Wake Island+Okinawa+Iwo Jima=5 IPCs)
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    Personally, I would like to see a benefit to the UK of clearing the Atlantic of enemy ships.  That would have allowed them to reduce convoy size, preventing port overloading and speeding unloading times, and also allow for more independent ship routing, also improving efficiency when it comes to shipping.

  • I remember mention of a UK objective involving “controlling” certain sea zones.

    Maybe it’s one allied ship in each sz 10, 9, 1, and 2?  Or sea zones 10, 9, and 8?  Ooooh Kriiiiieghund.

  • Official Q&A

    That one was wrong.  By the way, the original thread for this topic was restored by Imperious Leader, so there’s no need to post here anymore.

  • Yeah, didn’t see that thread was moved back until after I posted, but I thought I had seen mention of a UK bonus for controlling sea zones somewhere other than Lynxes’ post, such as one of the people that posted after seeing the game at Gen Con, I suppose I was mistaken though.

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