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Labor Day in the Carolinas

  • I have lived in North Carolina for about a dozen years now, and one thing that has become a “given” here is that there is ALWAYS a hurricane threatening the NC coast Memorial Day weekend.

    I have lost track of all the names.  I remember there was one back in '99 (Dennis I think?) that made landfall in NC the week before Labor Day, and then looped around and made landfall AGAIN labor day weekend (landfall in almost exactly the same spot in Onslow County 1 week later…)

    This year the threat is Millie Ray Cyrus…  Oops, I mean Hanna.

    Katrina take 2 in New Orleans from Gustav, Hanna Montana causing havoc as she heads for the Carolinas…

    I need to start planning on going home to visit family in Pennsylvania over Labor Day.  After all, Agnes was an EARLY season storm, and the last to play havoc with the folks in Western PA, and that was about 35 years ago… 🙂

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