Looking for the name of an old die-cut space ship game

  • About 20 years ago or so I used to play a space ship game with the die-cut paper counters.  They are called die-cut right?  Anyway, I only remember a few details about the game so please bear with me.

    Each side had a certain number of ships with a small number of stats, like weapons, shields, and move.  One side had a fleet of regular ships with crappy stats, but they had one ship that rocked.  This ship had the best weapons, shields and movement, but it was a one of a kind ship.  The other side had two different ships.  One type was faster and had more shields, and the other had better weapons, but lower shields….something like that.

    Basically you just deployed ships and tried to destroy the other side.  It was so long ago that I used to play it, that I am probably forgetting a few points about it, but that is the general gist.

    | 8        7  |
    |              |
    |              |
    |              |
    |              |
    |              |
    |              |
    | 6        *  |

    The three stats were on the edges of the counter with the picture of the type of ship in the middle.  I know this is a long shot, but maybe someone will remember.

  • Throneworld?

    Alpha Omega?


    what year?

  • It was many many years ago, probably in the late 70’s early 80’s….I looked at the pictures for those games and it wasn’t any of them.  Thanks though.

    I wish I had more info on it, but it is one of those brain nuggets I have that I think about it every so often.

    This game and another die cut counter game I used to play was about the Gods.  Thor was a counter, Sif, Odin, Loki, they were all counters and had fighting and defending stats on the counter.  I wish I knew the name of that game as well.

  • I think I got it!  I think it was Attack Force by TSR.  I googled some of the responses from IL, and that led me to a few pages that had similar games on it.  And when I saw the cover for Attack Force something clicked….but I couldn’t find any pictures of it, maybe when I get home I can do a more extensive search…but thanks IL, for getting me on the right path!

  • Im looking into this. AS you may ascertain i am a space gamer. I love strategic space battle games and own many.

  • Wow, good find….I will have to check out that site some more when I get home…

    Some reviews said that it is a so so game essentially ripping off The Empire Strikes Back.  Which is quite true, after reading the rules of the game.  But I still have found memories of this game when I was young so I might try to get it again.

    If I get it, I’ll have to bring to Aero Hobbies for a game sometime…

  • Its basically a rip off of star wars, One big slow ship attacked by swarms of fighters looking for weak point, and the big ship protected by a few fighters as well.

    Have a look at Amoeba wars. Its the closest thing to AA in space ive seen aside from a game called Diadem which is a killer game and totally underrated.

    on BGG i made a module for it that you download for free and play including cards.

  • I thought it might be a game called Stargate.  I played a game called Vector 3 by the same company long ago.  I’d love to get my hands on one of those now.  I think I bought it for about $5 back in the early 80s.

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