• recently bought a new puter (with vista)….doens’t run cd properly…any hints?

  • @guintz:

    recently bought a new puter (with vista)….doens’t run cd properly…any hints?

    I am not sure if you are in the right forum, but I suspect that the CD Rom version of the game is not compatible with Vista.  I will check with my son, who is the Windows expert, as I am on Macs for the most part.

  • It sounds like you have the 98 version of A&A.  All the computers that I have come across that have MS Vista can not run this version of A&A.  The reason being is the graphics card will need to have a retro-up(down) grade.

    There is a software section of the A&A boards you can look in.  They will have better information for you if you choose to make the modification.


  • thx….where would i find aa boards (are these the message boards?)…

  • My brother had the same problem.
    I downloaded a Windows emulator / virtual pc, which allows you to install a second OS easily in a separate partition, and run it from an executable within Vista (so no switching between OS’s).
    Works lke a charm.

    Now…offcourse…“Where did you find it?”

    I can’t remember. It’s been months ago. I just did a Google on “A&A on Vista” or something like that.

  • '10

    I’d be interested in the name of that program.  Just right click on the program icon and hit ‘properties’.  It should give you some information that would be useful to other Vista users who are trying to find a way to play.

  • let us know if you recall/find the name again Woodstock. i know for a fact that the old PC game won’t work on anything newer than XP. very frustrating, as i used to get my A&A fix this way when nobody wanted to play with me  😢

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