• The counter is 2 bombers 3 fighters 1 CV and DD  If CV attacks, then fig from East USA can make it. 
    If sz 56 attack fails then it is two DD’s 
    The Central fleet will not have anything to mop up.  The USA player will take the CV and DD as hits for max damage or just retreat early.

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    How is it 3 fighters? I kill one in hawaii and the one on east coast cant land in Hawaii. I took it.

  • Do not need Hawaii.  East USA Fig lands on CV that is also attacking that sz at the same time.  uses full 4 movement.

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    OK i made a mistake on the math:

    I take Hawaii with 3 Inf and 1 fighter

    plus attack the BB with 2 fighters, 2 cv and 1 dd

    Last fighter takes a shot at the west coast DD/transport.

    I think I will lose the DD and at worst a fighter.

    So i got 3 fighters , 2 CV, losing a destroyer…and possibly i got a 4th fighter

    so its defense is either 16+6 or 12+6… 22 or 18

    US has got 2 BOM and 3 Fighters and CV+DD  8+9+2+2= 21

    Thats close to an even battle. Also the allocations allow Japan a better position because the American player cant lose his carrier or he also loses a fighter that has no place to land.

    I see that’s its too close and Japan cant afford to exchange.

    So i now favor just bringing in the planes and the DD for soaker and keeping the carriers back as in my original plan.

    2 Carriers to Sea of Japan and fighters to Hawaii SZ plus DD

    to protect the new transport.

  • IL, if you open like that in Hawaii you are gambling like hell….

    The attack on the Hawaii BB is likely to cost Japan her DD on average. That would leave the Hawai SZ with 2 CV + 4 ftrs provided the ftr survives the west coast attack, so you have either 16 or 20 pipes with 5 or 6 units.

    The USA has 3 ftrs, 2 bmbs, 1 DD, 1 CV (or worse 2 DD’s). That’s 20 pipes or 22 pipes with 7 or 8 units.

    No matter what happens on the west coast, the USA will always attack these odds. Even at 20 vs 20 with 6 vs 7 units. And what is there to gain for the Japanese? If the USA starts a Pacific war maybe a little bit, but if USA goes KGF Japan is short on capital ships + ftrs…

    Personally I like your opening move you posted months back vs India much much more.  😉

    Edit: IL, CV’s defend at a 2 now, don’t forget that.  😉

  • The battle is a slight win on a tactical level, the USA would have 1or 2 Bombers left, but it is a strategic victory for the USA.  (the major reason for the win is  the new TR rule on casualties.)

    Japan would be hurt losing 4 fig, 2CV and 2TR  82 IPC and not be in as good of a  positon to threaten Aus. for turn 2
    USA 1CV, 3FIG,DD  52 IPC      😐

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    Dont worry i will revise the plan. I have a really good one this time.

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    This is the best strategy possible:

    Japanese strategy for 1941:

    Builds: 2 transport, 1 Infantry-
    If using technology, then 1 transport and 1 tank and 1 technology.

    Attack SZ #56 (1 DD 1 TR) with 2 fighters
    Attack Hawaii SZ (1 BB) with 2 fighters + 1 DD

    Move one carrier from Midway SZ to Home waters (SZ62)-this protects your build. 2 of your fighters in combat will land on this carrier.

    Move other carrier to Okinawa SZ (SZ60)

    SZ#62 brings in tank plus 1 infantry from Japan to invade Philippines
    SZ #51 bring Transport with 1 Infantry and invade Philippines (also pick up Okinawa Infantry so you are landing 2)

    Bring in the BB from SZ# 61 to attack US DD/TR
    SZ#51 bring Transport with 2 Infantry to Borneo
    SZ#61 bring Transport 2 Infantry to Burma
    SZ#61 Bring Transport with 1 Art and 1 Infantry to Burma
    Bring Carrier from SZ#61 to Burma SZ. Attack British DD and TR with 2 fighters
    Bring in cruiser for SB on Burma. On your J2 turn you will most likely have the following for India attack:

    3 Inf and 1 Art from Burma
    2 Infantry from Boreo
    1 CA SB
    4 fighters ( 2 from CV, 2 from FIC)
    total attack: 6+2+12= 20 plus the CA @3 against British: 3 Inf and 1 Art, plus possible 1 Inf from Persia, which is 10…India falls on J2

    China attacks:
    Manchuria fighter and Formosa fighter with 3 infantry against Yunnan. (Both fighters land in FIC)

    3 Infantry from Manchuria and Fighter in Japan to Suiyan (fighter lands on Kiangsu)
    3 Infantry from Kiangsu to Hupeh.

    A variation would be to only attack Hupeh with 2 infantry and leave one behind in Manchuria to force the Soviets to commit at poor odds.

    Basic ideas: you have to take India on the next turn, plus take East Indies on J2. You’re putting your pieces to work to kill UK/ USA assets because they are a greater threat because they are in your face. I know a few of you may cringe on the idea of leaving the one of the 4 IPC island groups, but doing this also forces you to protect the transports which costs more than you gain. All your fleets are protected from counter attacks and you threaten everything and also stop UK from buying a India factory even if you don’t attack India on J2.

    Also, you present produce the idea of ‘overprotection” where any fleet that is attacked can be backed up by other points.

    The British will have only a DD and the Transport near Australia, while the Americans are left with the CV in the corner of the map.

  • That’s more like IL.  😄

    I only think that I would take East Indies instead of Borneo to have a bit more options vs Africa. And I would be building 2 trns and 1 inf instead of the ftr.

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    I modified it after playing it twice. yes 2 transports 1 Infantry is best!

    But on E indies its too far away from the center of possible rebuttals of counters that may require you to dispatch the transport to other locations. Borneo is more close to the center, while East Indies is far on the edge and hence more out of place.

  • I love this post haven’t got the game yet but……

    I am going to be japan in are 1st game and it will be 1941 senario so it is all good.

    I have read your strategies and any comments on an attack on Miday.  I really want to find an attack to kill Miday since miday is worth 1 ipc and the 5ipc no advantage if using nos (which we will)

    so my plan is to pressure usa since in previous posts i have said usa and japan will be in a square off (which rules)

  • If japan has built at least one air unit per turn (excepting perhaps the first two) and assuming that they are able to achieve the standard asian and island expansion, then definitley go for tech list 2, allot!!!  In my most recent game japan had suffered a few setbacks and was being threatened by a sizable U.S. fleet (thanks to improved shipyards) and also a GB IC in Austalia, as well as one IC on Java.  My japanese opponent first hit fighter bombers (4/4) fighters, then a few turns later he hit long range aircraft and from his strongpoints; India, France, and Japan, he was able to trash my GB an US fleets and alter the the game so much in the axis favor that their victory was assured.  Just an example of how the luck of the dice in reference to technologies can really make your game!!!

  • @spectre_04:

    …  Just an example of how the luck of the dice in reference to technologies can really make your game!!!


    Let’s play yahtzee!

    Lots less set up, same luck

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