• I don’t really know anything about A&A tournaments, so exuse me if i save anything stupid

    but I was thinking since this new game is 3 on 3 it lends its self well to having 3 man A&A teams play against each other

    in tournaments

    The teams would have cool names like The Nazis(wait thats a bad idea)

    And they could have sponsers too

    I think this game could get I lot more exciting if people had there favorite teams to root for

    and a sort a semi-National league like a real sport

    I guess its a dum idea but I think it would be cool to try it in a tournament like this instead of having individual winners

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    its not a dumb idea. It would only be dumb if you left it to yourself.

    When more information comes available new tournament rules will be created.

    I see that if a nation can hold its bonus IPC territories for say 3 turns it wins individually and does not have to win as a team but individually.

    Note: bonus IPC is paid to each player in this game for occupation of key territories and its paid directly to that nation.
    Instead it can possible to transfer this to victory points…. cashing in IPC for victory points and if you reach X you win the game. That would be my solution at this point.

  • Even then you may have two first place winners.  For example the Allies may have won as a team but Germany won as a player.


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