Day of Defeat (the Half-Life Mod)

  • Does anyone here play Day of Defeat, the half-life mod? If so, I challenge you to a game! Woohoo! I love this game!….

  • <looks at="" dasewokss="">😉</looks>

  • DoD is God 🙂

  • I play, DasEwok introduced me to it last week. That computer is not working right now (Fried the insides), so I’m not on for awhile. I’m pretty good at it I think. Names Yanny if you see me on later.

  • Usually when I play, I use either the riflemen or the heavy machine gunner.

    I think both sides are about equal, something very hard to achieve in a game.

    Here’s my breakdown:
    KAR 98 > M1
    MP44 < Thompsons
    German Sniper rifle (forgot its name) < Springfield
    Stg = BAR (it depends on what situation you’re in)
    MG42 > American machine gun (forgot its name :-?)

  • I’m a big fan of the BAR. Its a powerful weapon. Also, the MG 42 I am pretty good with, as well as the Tommy Gun. The German Assault Rifle (I forget name, fourth from the top on weapon select screen) is pretty nice too.

    What don’t I like? I HATE the Grease Gun. I don’t like Sniper Rifles much either.

  • Well I only choose the BAR when I’m supporting a 4 man squad and have to lay down some covering fire. Besides it’s nigh-unlimited ammo I don’t care much for the character class since it’s so slow. The Tommy gun is a damn fine gun and kicks less than the MP44. German assualt rifle is nice, though I usually get gunned down by snipers before I had a chance to fully use it. I think the Mauser and Tommy are my too favorite weapons. And I agree, the grease gun sucks. THe only reason its worth anything is because it only took like $10 to make back then - but in the game, who cares about price? :-?

  • I like the BAR in maps where you find less Assaulters. But more Maps like Caen2, its not really effective.

  • o TG its the Mp40 not the Mp44 😉 the Mp44 is the STG just another name for it 😉

  • Oppps :oops:, sorry 'bout the mess up. 🙂
    Don’t want to confuse the sucky MP40 (heh, guess they didn’t simulate the gun’s tendency to jam :)) with the awesome STG44 8).

  • DUDE the Mp40 Rules! 🙂

  • That gun sucks major fartnuts compared to the Thompsons. THe only gun comparable to it would be the Grease Gun and that sucks too. As the German, I much rather use the Mauser.

  • the Mp40 is even more Lethal in the hands of a skilled player then a aThompson 😉 its all style of play and the map

  • My favorite classes in Day of Defeat are the German Heavy Infantry and the German Machine Gunner. I know this may seem a bit odd, but the reason why I share a certain affection with them is because of the nostalgia value associated with these characters. I remember back to my twelfth birthday, where my brother had presented me with a gift of two dolls, one of German Elite Infantry and the other, a German Machine Gunner. The exquisiteness of these dolls was truly breath taking and profound. Each soldier came with a plethora of accessories, each with a fine attention to detail. There were binoculars, pots and pans, shovels, canteens, ammunition satchels, belt buckles, extra sets of clothing, daggers and pistols, sleeping bags, and much more. Even the accompanying weapons were meticulously recreated, each with moving parts. Truly authentic. I aptly named the Elite Infantry ‘Herman’ and the Machine Gunner ‘Frederick’ and set them on top of my bed frame where they sit to this day.

    When my bother first introduced me to Day of Defeat, I shared only a slight interest in it. I was never a fan of ‘First Person Shooters,’ and I only held the World War Two backdrop in reverence. That feeling was lost immediately when I saw the German Heavy Infantry and Machine Gunner. They were almost exact duplicates of Herman and Frederick! 😄 The striking similarities between the real life dolls and the computerizations were almost eerie, right down to the same weapon shared for each! For the first time, I could ‘play out’ the situations that young Herman and Frederick had shared in my musings on the computer. From the starry muzzle blast of the STG44 to the deafening crackle of the MG42, I was submerged into their world. Regardless, I did not perform much to my brother’s expectations. I just could not shoot an American Soldier and instead spent my time collecting flags for the Axis Powers. With the heavy equipment, I did not know Herman and Frederick had things so tough! 🙂

  • They’re action figures - not dolls! - for crying out loud! 😮

  • Yea, the Thompson is by far my favorite for the Allies. The BAR isn’t accurate enough, seems to “spray” all over, even when I’m kneeling.

    On the German side, however, the regular infantry is definetely the bomb…I can snipe better with that gun then with the sniper rifle.

  • It’s also fun to come in back of someone when he’s reloading and bayonet him. 😄

  • i love the BAR 🙂

  • Yeah, unlike that wimpy, pea-shooter of a gun we call the MP40. 😛

  • /me slaps TG moses with a large Trout! the MP40 rules man u just suck 😛

  • “/me slaps TG moses with a large Trout! the MP40 rules man u just suck”

    “Yeah, unlike that wimpy, pea-shooter of a gun we call the MP40.”

    No name calling! ^_^ And I thought you were friends? 😞

    “They’re action figures - not dolls! - for crying out loud!”

    There my cute, little dolls, and I will not let them into any ‘action’ that might end up hurting them!

  • haha off course were friends TM but were also Guys 🙂 this is how guys bond 😉

  • so what are u guys and gals favorite maps?

  • “They’re action figures - not dolls! - for crying out loud!”

    There my cute, little dolls, and I will not let them into any ‘action’ that might end up hurting them!

    but dont they ever get bored?

  • me slaps TG moses with a large Trout! the MP40 rules man u just suck

    Tssskkk… <slaps ewok="" with="" a="" bag="" of="" californian="" oranges="">I wouldn’t trust a wooden nickel to a MP40 - lousy piece of garbage. 😎

    but dont they ever get bored?

    Pssst… that’s what I said. All they do is stand around all day in funny poses and collect dust. :-?

    haha off course were friends

    I wouldn’t know of that… 😉</slaps>

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