• Hi Everyone,

    Just stumbled upon these A&A forums. Have added them to my regular list of A&A sites to check on. Anyway, I represent a company named the Guild of Blades Publishing Group that has published a wide range of Axis & Allies variants and continues to release new ones. The company calls its A&A variant game line the “Empires of History” game series and uses a modified D10 base version of the A&A game engine in presenting a range of different historical periods and conflicts.

    The Guild’s A&A variant games can be found at:

    A&A variants published to date include:

    World War One Series:
    The War to End All Wars Box Set (Core WW1 game)
    The Great War in Africa Box Set
    The North American Upgrade Box Set
    The Rise of the Red Army Box Set

    Obscure Wars Series:
    The Spanish Civil War Box Set
    The Trojan War Box Set
    Battle for the Falklands Box Set
    Rome’s Greatest Foe: the 2nd Punic War

    Medieval Period Games:
    Europe 1483 Box Set Edition

    The Guild also publishes the Empires of History Magazine; a 32 page publication dedicated to A&A, its variants, and similar territorial-like board games like Eagle Games and others. The first issue was released a few months back and the next should be out early next year. Each issue also includes an Empires of History micro game. Issue #1 included the “Battle for Stalingrad” micro game. Issue #1 will contain “Tito’s Partisans”.

    Other A&A variant games we have in development currently are:

    1. The Arab Israeli Wars
    2. Kaiju: Giant Monster Wargame
    3. Empires of History: WWII

    Well, that’s pretty much it for now. I’ll be happy to field any questions people have.


  • Nice website. 😎

  • Thanks, dude!

  • Thanks a lot! I mean it.

  • Battle of the F_alkland Islands… heheheh

  • Arab Israli wars. you have suside bombers or somthin

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