Max Payne: The Movie

  • Check this out.  I played this game years ago when I was in the Army.  Max Payne is an undercover DEA agent.

    Some of the best lines went something like:

    “You can’t hit me your a cop!”

    “We’ll let that be your little secret.”

    “Help police brutality!”

    “Yeah, I rank pretty high on that.”

    For those of you familiar with Max Payne it looks like they are going to either combine the two games or start at the second one.  I think this b/c Mona Sax is listed second in line after Mark Wahlberg (as Max Payne).

    I hopy Hollywood does this one justice and doesn’t butcher it they way they tend to do with video games turned movies.


  • I played the first one, it was entertaining enough.  But I’m going to take a guess here and say that like books, video games will be better than their movie counterparts.

  • I agree with you but I think that video games get the short end of the stick when movies are made about them.

    Book / Movie = Case and point: Lord of the Rings.  Good movies followed the book half decent.

    Video game / Movie = House of the Dead.  Granted is was a crapy first person shooter generic 90’s game but the movie was just oozing with cheese.

    I almost hope they don’t make a movie of Halo b/c I don’t want to see them butcher it.


  • Here is the official link.

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