• Ok from playing on Gleemax I have a serious dice question. When I play on the board game with my friends we through all the dice and anything that applies to a piece we use. So if we have say 20 units with 2 tanks then we can only apply two 3 or less die rolls to those 2 tanks out of the 20 dice rolled. However playing on Gleemax makes me think that some people roll for units seperately. So you’d roll just 2 dice for the tanks seperately from the other 18 dice rolls you have, and if those 2 dice get a three or less than they apply. Is the former or the later the correct way?

    Also with the AA gun does the attacker get to chose which planes he loses, or does the dice have to be rolled for each individual plane that attacks?

  • When you roll for AA fire you roll indivdually.  (This may be cheating but it gets the same end result.  If the attacker has say 3 FTR’s and 2 BMR’s I will roll 3 dice then two dice).

    As for the first issue you addressed I’m not sure what you are asking when I attack I roll in the following pattern.

    INF @ 1
    ART supported INF & ART @ 2
    ARM & FTR @ 3
    BMR’s @ 4

    Defending I roll useing the same method

    BMR’s @ 1
    INF & ART @ 2
    ARM @ 3
    FTR’s @ 4


  • General Steiner - The latter way is correct.  If you have 18 inf and 2 arm, then you would roll 18 dice @ a 1, and then you would roll 2 dice @ a 3 or less.

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    The lieutenant and the captain are correct, general.  You’ve been doing it wrong.

  • Ahhh thanks makes more sense that way too I think.

    So hypothetically speaking if two planes attack a territory with 3 AA guns, how do the AA guns roll?

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    Only one AA gun per territory can fire, no matter how many are there.

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