• More SS units including “Honour Brigades” would be awesome. To give an example: An SS honour unit on the Russian front had tens of thousands of men. All were wiped out but one man on a 37 or 88mm gun. (They should add those guns to the game) His entire squad was killed including the other 2 men that were helping him fire the cannon. The Russian tanks were shelling and advancing with thousands of men. He stould alone with a pile of bodies and loaded these heavy shells himself and continued to fire the cannon that normally took 3 men to operate.

    Long story short, he took out 12 tanks and around 3-500 men as they drew within less than half a mile of him. Reinforcements unexpectedly arrived and helped him push back the Reds. His saviors (An SS bridage) was astonished he had not left his post. He was decorated with the Knights Cross.

    Also it would be cool if the German planes had more of an impact on the game and cost more accordingly as the Luftwaffe had the best pilots in the world. (Refference Erich Hartman who holds the world fighter pilot record with 352 confirmed kills. Mind you, that’s just ‘confirmed’. Read a synapsis of his amazing story at:


  • 88mm gun is already out.  It has some nice attack abilities but I don’t think it could take one a whole division.

    I beg to differ about the Luftwaffe.  I’ve seen shows that interviewed spitfire pilots and they said the spitfire had a great turn radius and they kicked the Luftwaffe’s butts.

  • I can’t wait to get that 88! You are right. The Supermarine spitfire could out turn the 109 but it couldn’t out climb it by a damn sight. I don’t mean to get religious on you but I really think that hand of god was in that fight. British pilots were seasoned veterans and deserve tons of credit. However, the introduction of the FW-190 A-3 and beyond was feared by the British intensly. Unfortunately, that aircraft wasn’t in full service until late into the Battle of Britain when Operation Sea Lion had no hope because of Hitlers decision to attack civilian targets instead of continue to wipe out the RAF when they had the chance. It’s an arguable debate and I respect your opinion.

    We must remember that the British won the Battle of Britian with almost NO help from the US. Their pilots deserve immense credit.

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