Possible to retreat from a space where an air unit came from?

  • Hello, been a while since I posted anything here. Anyway, I am currently playing a game where I am stuck in Trans jordan while the Japanese/German forces are holding on to Persia. What I want to do is make a 1 round attack with the Americans and then retreat into Kazak. My question is, is it possible for me to just move a fighter from Moscow into Kazak and the rest of the units from Trans jordan and then retreat into Kazak or do I have to attack with a land unit from Kazak?

    // Thorak

  • 2007 AAR League


    You may only retreat into a space from where a land unit came from!


  • Land or Sea Zone.

    And the land or navy unit need only to have passed through the space, it did not have to start its move there.

  • I was wondering about aircraft withdrawals from amphibious landings as well.  Suppose the UK amphib assaults norway, with 2 Figs from Gbr.  If the battle goes poorly in the first round, and the UK wish to withdraw their figs from the battle, can they withdraw them back to Gbr?  Or must they land within one space of Norway?

    If there are no AC’s around, and no place to land within one space, do they have to continue the combat?

  • Aircrafts withdraw from battle remaining in the territories where the battle is fought, in this case Norway.
    In the non combat move they have to land in the same way you do if you had won the battle. So they may come back to England, land on AC or in any other legal space they can reach.

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