NA's - German Clarification

  • GER 8:  Germany already buys infantry for 2 IPC in Berlin.

    No better than what is already in the rules.

    –----- thats limited to Berlin… this is unlimited amount of infantry one time per game limited by placement rules.

  • GER 11:  This Alpen Festung is pretty confusing.  I think I could pull it off, but not sure everyone would follow how I interpret it.

    So “during combat” is vague.  When do I announce this retreat?  Before combat, during combat, during retreat?

    When do the allies get to attack these newly converted berzerker infantry?  During the same combat move?

    Can I continue to put more Germans in the Alpen Festung in future turns?

    If the Allies leave or are kicked out of Germany does it revert back to normal?

    Can I do it again if they show up again?

    I like the concept, but it sounds troublesome.

    –-------------- I love how you call them berzerker infantry. LOL!!!

    The German player is allowed to create a “national redoubt” if
    the territory of Germany has been attacked by allied forces. During combat German units can retreat to
    this virtual territory. All retreating units are converted to Infantry to resemble a true guerrilla campaign
    fought in the mountains of the Alps. Furthermore the Allies do not gain the income of Germany even if it’s
    subsequently captured by them. To take the income Allies must capture the virtual territory and must score
    two hits in combat to destroy one land unit. Hits are allocated on damaged ‘guerrilla’ units first before a
    non- damaged unit is selected.

    The allies attack Germany the Germans can still retreat even if surrounded to the fortress. All these new units now take 2 hits to kill until they are all dead jim. Allies don’t get Germany money either… thats still under German control–(Germany controls the factory)… so yes you can place new units in the fortress but your only getting Germany territory income. Its basically like pulling the iraq insurgency to prolong the game.

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