NA's - Japanese Clarifications

  • JA 1:  Japan is already buying Infantry at 2 IPC in the capital.  Was this left over prior to Variable Infantry Costs or OOB?

    This NA gives very little advantage over currently AARHE 4.0 ruleset (e.g., saves 1 IPC).

    –------This is in addition to that, so they can build a bit more infantry for cheaper.

  • JA 3:  Inclusive of Japan or 2 flight SZ’s (e.g., can they hit SZ 56 or only out to SZ 57)

    These attacks may be launched if an Allied player move ships within 2 sea
    zones from Japan, after all combat movement has been completed. Kamikaze may target specific enemy
    ships, except for Submarines. They attack on a roll of 4 or less. This attack precedes all normal combat in
    the sea zone ( defending ships fire AA rolls). Before any Kamikaze rolls you must announce all target(s). If
    a Kamikaze is used during the enemy’s turn it counts as a naval battle in the sea zone. This attack precedes
    all normal combat in the sea zone.

    any two zones of any type from Japan. I don’t have a map to look

  • JA 5:  “In 1945 it…” vs. “It 1945 it…”


    “select which ship they want to hit” vs. “select which hit they want to hit”

    –-------------Up to two Battleships you got or want to build in total now take 3 hits and can
    select which hit they want to hit. If any unit is hit it’s sunk even if it takes two hits.

  • JA 11:  “were” elite vs. “was” elite

    –------grammar issues admittedly.


  • JA 14:  “option of breaking non-aggression pact with USSR”

    I don’t think this pact is spelled out anywhere in AARHE 4.0.  I think this is a 1939 rule if memory is correct.

    –-------sort of :Japan is not bound to attack Russia, and can avoid a war if she wishes. The Soviet player is bound to avoid attacking Japanese territories until either attacked or Germany falls.  its in both rules somewhere.

  • JA 15:  Is this a persistent NA or only used once?

    e.g., Capture India on Turn 3 - double Income for India Turn 4
          Capture Persia on Turn 4 - double Income for Peria Turn 5
          Capture Trans-Jordan on Turn 5 - double Income for Trans-Jordan Turn 6

    –-------------only once per game. the first time Japan takes these places.

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