NA's - UK Clarifications

  • UK6:  Can UK go into debt using this?

    Or do you only get to place one in each spot whenever you can afford it?

    –--------they just get a free destroyer and you place it in one of these places, plus future DD cost -1. thats it.

    The Royal Navy The Royal Navy of the United Kingdom is the oldest of the British armed services
    (and is therefore the Senior Service). As late as the middle of the 20th century, it was the largest and most
    powerful navy in the world. During WWII, the Royal Navy was vital in guarding the sea lanes that enabled
    British forces to fight in remote parts of the world such as North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Far East.
    Once per game, place 1 Destroyer off the coast of Eastern Canada, Egypt, South Africa, India, Australia or
    United Kingdom if you own the land territory, during your “Mobilize New Units” phase. You may place
    the Destroyer even if the sea zone is enemy-occupied. Your Destroyers cost 1 IPC less.

  • UK 9: I read this to mean that you can have multiple Chindits on the game board but you are limited to converting just 1 per turn?

    –-------only one per turn in total are gonna be chindits. anything else is normal infantry. You cannot build one each turn and make a army of chindits. So kill them off each turn as you use them to make the most of them.

    One UK Infantry in Asia mainland can be allocated
    as Chindits per turn. These units attack at 2 and defend at 2 and have a unique movement of 2 spaces in
    Combat Move and 2 spaces in Non-Combat Move. They may even move through enemy territories. If
    destroyed, another Chindit can be raised, but only one at a time.

  • UK 13: Active until all bonus infantry are used up or must this be done all at once?

    e.g., can I put 2 in UK on turn 3 and after turn 4 when I recapture Egypt can I put a troop there too?

    –----------------------You can place them at any time but only once per game.

    Once per game, you may place 2 Infantry for free in United Kingdom if you control it and 1 Infantry for free in Egypt if you
    control it.

  • UK 15:  Is this only in Africa, or all UK fighters now get this?

    Some of these sounds like silly questions but our group gets bogged down by the letter of the law a lot.  So, I’m always trying to understand the spirit of the law so we can make better decisions when we run into ambiguity.

    –---------------------no its for any British fighters anywhere…not just in Africa.

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