NA's - USSR Clarification

  • USSR 5:  Within limits of VC or beyond?

    e.g., I just bought 1 unit for Buryatia, can I now place a second there even though the VC only supports 1/turn?

    –---------------------- you can place one extra in ANY territory no matter what. this superseeds the placement rules

  • USSR 14:  This one is BRUTAL!  I saw USSR pull this on turn 1, and Germany was hammered.  Love it!

    However, the question is how many times can they do it per country?  The first time Germany invades each USSR held territory, or every USSR held country for the rest of the game?

    –--------- this is the first time they invade the Soviet territory, not every turn which denies Germany of any money. So its each originally held Soviet territory once per game.

    I was limiting each USSR country to 1 time “Slash and Burn”.  Is it really suppose to be every time a country sea-saws back and forth that it is of no use to Germany?

    -------- no not the back and forth… just the first time.

    What if Moscow has fallen and Stalin is “dead”.  Does the order still stand?

    -----------LOL yes the rule is not relative to Stalin in the game because Stalin is not a playing piece in AARHE ( at this point)

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