NA's - Italian Clarification

  • Italian 3:  Do the Italians still have to pay the IPC per unit to “Blitz” through the desert?

    –------no they don’t pay thats the reason behind this NA.

  • Italian 6:  Does this include technology that is greater than 3 boxes?  e.g., Jets?

    ______________This overrides the tech rule about sharing… yes any tech.

  • Italian 7:  Do VC/IC/ID bonuses cap with this at 3 as well?

    If someone is invading Southern Europe the defending infantry is at 4 (e.g., +2 IC, +1 VC) and that doesn’t include built ID or this Italian “Home Defense” bonus.

    I’m a little confused.

    (obviously I had too much time to read on the plane coming back from Seattle)

  • Italian 10:  Is this only for a land battle?

    I’d hate to have this wasted on some lame sea battle or air combat when it really should be a good Kasserine-like land battle.

  • Italian 11:  Even BB/CV?

    Are these like the guns of Gibraltar - 1 hit 1 kill?  Or just one damage point?

  • Italian 8:  Wrong format. Needs a return in there to separate it from Italian 7:

  • Italian 14:  I don’t get this one.

    Bridging friendly units has the same effect, so this NA is of no value.  Or does this reset the units and regardless of whether the unit fought in the Combat Phase it can bridge across?

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