• Does Production Interruption reduce the number of deployable units in a territory or IC/VC?

    Does it effect Total IPC spend limits in IC as well (e.g., 4* IPC value of territory?)

    -----------no, just as it states relating to production generated

  • While reading the Underground Factory (page 16) technology text I had an epiphany.

    Prior to reading it I had always thought Production Interruption (page 4) was limited to Land Combat.  It never dawned on me that SBR & Rockets would add to the effect.

    –------------------- they dont. they just reduce the IPC that can potentially buy new units. your reading way too far into this

    So, are all types of attacks cumulative:

    e.g., I could do a SBR, CA, GI, Rocket Attack, Amphibious Assault, and Land Combat and reduce the county by 6 IPC in 1 cycle of combat?  And then 1 additional for each cycle of land combat after the first?

    ---------------no SBR reduces the total, same with Rockets, limited to that territories IPC value, while land combat of any type  slowly takes IPC off the combated territory.

    I could use some clarification on what specific “cycles” of combat contribute to Production Interruption damage.

    SBR= damage limited to total value of territory
    Rockets=same as SBR
    Amphibious Assault=same as land combat
    Naval Bombardment=nothing
    Land Combat= 1 ipc per round of total land combat lost from collection phase.
    Airborne Assault=same as land combat

  • Good catch. Bierwagen!
    We didn’t think about the cascading effect the rules wording can have. It wasn’t the intention for “Production Interruption” nor “Economic attacks” to reduce deployment.

    I’ll change the wording of Industrial Complex Mobilization to refer to printed income value.

    IL’s list of effects are not precisely correct. The current wording…
    SBR = reduce income or reduce deployment
    Night bombing = reduce deployment
    Rocket = not redefined in AARHE but uses AARHE’s “economic attack” limits

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    yes your right tekkyy. He asked so many questions its hard not to slip up at least once.

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