• 2007 AAR League

    Yes, we are playing with both Tech and NO’s.
    Of course its far too early, but we wouldn’t spend hours and hours on this site, if it wasn’t because we think it is fun to speculate, and to draw premature conclusions.  🙂

    As for premature conclusions, here are a bunch more of them!  :mrgreen:

    I agree on most issues you bring up Lynxes.
    I’ve got a few observations that I’d like to share, however:

    1. Germany is not that vulnerable to SBR. Actually, German main vulnerability is that it is limited to only 10 builds per turn! It got more IPC than production slots to spend it on…At least in Round 2-4. This would be especially true in a No-Tech game. Both our games were tech game with 5 IPC/turn spent into research.  With that money not spent on research, Germany could find it difficult to spend that cash. Sure it can build 10 tanks per turn, but it’s not really cost-effective to have Tanks-only stacks. You need a cheap Infantry shield also!

    2. Italy is not weak! UK need to spend cash & units to defend KAR. They must wait until Rd3, 4 or 5 before landing in Africa (at least if US goes Pacific). That means that Italy will buy units for a total value of 60-100 IPC before having to face serious opposition. Even so however, it would prolly not be much of match, once a beefed up Royal Navy enters the Med.  😐

    3. As for US, I can’t really decide actually. The Pacific looks rather difficult to enter. However, a mere build-up of forces in WCO, might divert Japanese cash & units to an arms race in Pacific. That in turn will lead to little/no Jap pressure on Russia. And in a drawn out battle between UK/Rus and Ger/Ita, I think the Allies will prevail…The other way for US, is to go to Europe. That is the KGF way. Can’t really comment on that.

    4. Research: I truly love the research system! For the first time in A&A history, a research system that isn’t seriously flawed. I can actually see Leagues and Tournaments be played as Tech games now!
      Edit Xpt for Heavy Bombers of course  🙂 Those are as crazy as a bucket full of frogs, as usual  8-)

  • Perry, I think we should try to be reasonable when it comes to Germany here. The German troops have been slow in the coming to the Eastern front and those IPCs of Germany has to be matched vs. higher Russian and UK production. We haven’t played long enough to assess the dangers of SBR just yet.

    All in all, building a stronger navy might be a viable strat for Germany now that there are 3 areas from Berlin to Leningrad and not 2, a quicker way to get troops east. A strat for the next game maybe?

  • 2007 AAR League

    Hmmm, I do realize something about SBR now.
    The per/turn cap of damage, that an IC can sustain, is 2xProdvalue of the IC.
    That means that Germany can suffer up to 20 SBR dmg points per turn.

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    yes exactly. If Germany repairs 10 IPC worth of SBR, it still cannot place new units in Germany.

  • I found that sending men in the baltic sea in AAE was a faster way to send troops out to the front which it did also i some how took leningrad on 1st turn and he was pissed because men in russia and belorussia had a choice and they had to retreat and keep a few men there. So making a bit of a navy for germany can be profitable if the russian rolls are “5’s”

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