• Just a pretty quick question:

    If my Main guns, secondary guns, and/or tertiary guns are in range of multiple targets, may I assign 1 set of guns on 1 target, and a different set of guns on a different target?

    Or, do all sets of guns must fire on a single target during the Surface Attack Phase?

  • I understand that multiple targets are okay.

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League


    I understand that multiple targets are okay.

    This is my understanding also.

  • You would normally have separate fire control systems for each caliber of gun, so engaging multiple targets should not be a problem.  Generally, a battleship or cruiser would have sided fire control positions for the secondary and tertiary battery (if carried), so theoritically, you could engage targets on either beam with your secondary guns. You would also have a primary fire control position forward for the main battery, and a secondary fire control position aft for the main battery, which would also allow for split fire of the main battery as well.  I have not sat down and determined exactly how to score that, as yet.

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